Apex High’s Prom King and Queen Interview!


As the year is ending and graduation is nearing for seniors, Prom King and Queen were voted on two weekends ago at prom. “Putting on the Ritz” was the theme this year, and while I am an underclassmen and was not privileged enough to attend, I heard that it was definitely a night for the books. Abby Farnsworth and Anthony Barnes Jr. were voted as Prom King and Prom Queen.

Did you expect to win the title of Prom King/Queen?

Abby: Not at all. The girls on prom court were incredible, and I thought any of them could win.

Anthony: No, I did not expect to win the title of Prom King.

What was your favorite part of prom?

Abby: Dancing with the Prom King was definitely my favorite part. I’ve never been that close to royalty before.

Anthony: My favorite part of prom was winning Prom King and dancing with my friends after I won.

Is there anything about your personality that set you apart from others?

Abby: There are some amazing personalities at Apex. I’ll be honest, my personality doesn’t even compete with others!

Anthony: Yes, I am extremely caring person to the point where I consider my closest friend nothing less than family.

What has been your most embarrassing high school moment?

Abby: I had the cheese touch freshmen year. I lost a lot of my friends, but I learned how to cope with loneliness. It was a defining moment for me.

Anthony: I actually cannot remember any embarrassing high school moments.

If you could be any teacher at Apex who would you be and why?

Abby: I would definitely be Mr. Oltmans. He looks strikingly similar to Jake Gyllenhaal and teaches history. It seems like the perfect experience.

Anthony: I would be Mr. O. because he is extremely intelligent, cool, laid back, and has the most amazing swag out of anyone I know.

How do you feeling about graduating this year?

Abby: I’m sad to part with the PEAK but excited to hit the college scene.

Anthony: Honestly I’m not rushing graduation and, I am not as excited about it like most people are.

What is something you will miss?

Abby: I’m going to miss all the friends I’ve made.

Anthony: I will miss all my friends and the free time to be able to hang out.

As we bid a sweet farewell to our small town royalty, Apex High School also wishes them luck in college. Abby will be attending Brigham Young University in Utah and Anthony will be attending Guilford College to play football in Greensboro.

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