AHS Students’ Proudest Accomplishments of the School Year

Over the course of the 2017-2018 school year, Apex High School students have worked extremely hard and achieved countless goals in every area possible. Whether it was for sports, academics, arts, music, or school clubs, the students of AHS turned their ambitions into realities. Let’s see what accomplishments made Apex students most proud this year!

Freshman Gabe Swanser

Swanser said his proudest accomplishment from this year was making the varsity men’s lacrosse team. His passion for sports took him far, and he detailed, “I’ve played lacrosse since fourth grade and making the team showed all of the hard work I’ve put in. It was pretty cool to be pulled up to varsity.” Swanser has enjoyed being on the team and described, “It’s been fun! There are a lot of cool kids, and it’s just been a really fun experience overall.” Swanser’s dedication truly paid off this year, and this accomplishment was exciting and rewarding for him.

Sophomore Anna Broome

Broome has a couple of accomplishments from this school year that she is extremely proud of. She explained, “I managed to get accepted for a job at Chick-fil-A, and I also applied for a REX volunteer program for over the summer, and I got accepted!” Broome is looking forward to the new responsibility she will get to experience, and she is taking steps to prepare herself for a future career. She mentioned, “The REX program is really helpful because I want to become a nurse, an ER nurse especially, so it helps me get experience.” Broome also explained how in order to achieve these goals it took a lot of patience. She had to go through three interviews at Chick-fil-A, and she desperately wanted to know if she had gotten the job. It all worked out well in the end, and after finding out about her acceptances, Broome described, “I felt really excited! When I was accepted at Chick Fil A, I really wanted to try on my uniform at that exact moment.” She laughed as she continued, “I literally stood in front of the mirror and watched myself wearing the uniform.” Broome is super proud of her achievements and cannot wait to see where these new positions take her.

Junior Arushi Bhatia

Bhatia is president of the AHS Key Club, and her proudest accomplishment from this school year was raising $1,093.23 for the Thirst Project in a single night with the help of Key Club. She detailed, “To achieve this it took a lot of planning out the logistics as to when the event was going to be and working on publicizing the event.” Throughout the year Key Club took part in many fundraisers, and the Thirst Project was one of the main ones. They came to the school, talked to club members, and encouraged students to do what they could to help make a difference. Bhatia went on to say, “I felt so proud of our club, and how they all came together to benefit a cause that we all felt passionate about.” Key Club is an extremely rewarding group to be a part of, and any club member would agree with Bhatia that raising this money along with all of the other volunteer activities from this school year are huge accomplishments to be proud of.

Seniors Dahrel Ghazaleh and Viral Kharva

Ghazaleh and Kharva are members of the AHS Ultimate Frisbee team. When asked about their proudest accomplishment, they responded with no hesitation, “Being part of the Ultimate Frisbee Team, winning the Durham Academy Tournament, and getting first in our division!” They both agree that the team has improved from previous years, and they are thrilled about their successes from this year’s season. The seniors explained that it was not easy to achieve everything their team did, “It took a lot of practice, hard work, dedication, and training. Since we don’t really get school funding, we had to work on our own and on our own time, so it took a lot of dedicated people.” It was definitely well worth it because winning was a sensational feeling for the entire team. Ghazaleh and Kharva reminisced, “It was amazing and overwhelming all at once!” It was a great victory to close out their senior year, and a job well done to the entire AHS Ultimate team.

It has clearly been an extremely successful school year, and all students should be proud of their hard work. This year has proven that, regardless of the building or location, Apex High School will always thrive. Way to go Cougars!

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