Calendar Changes

Calendar Changes

Wake County has released the calendar for the 2019-2020 school year, and this calendar came with a few twists. Students, parents, and staff of Wake County Schools are sure to notice the absence of early release days, longer winter break, and spring break being pushed back. I talked to some students, and one of our teachers about their thoughts on these changes.

  1. Have you seen the calendar that Wake County has created for your senior/junior year? The calendar looks slightly different than it has in past years.

Madison, sophomore: yes

Aleese, sophomore:  yes

Jamie, freshman: No

Ms. Lasher, foreign language teacher: No


  1. If you did not already catch it, this calendar has no early release days, and they have all been replaced by teacher workdays…what do you think about that?

Madison, sophomore: I am actually very happy because I am not a fan of early release days. They feel rushed, and I do not get much accomplished with such short classes, and I still have to get up early.

Aleese, sophomore: Probably teacher workdays because you do not have to come to school at all. I do not want to have to get ready and do the whole thing for a half day.

Jamie, freshman: Teacher workdays

Ms. Lasher, foreign language teacher: Teacher workdays. I do not really care for early release because nothing ever gets done. It is only a half day and a lot of kids do not come, or they do come but do not come ready to do any work.


  1. Your winter break will be two weeks long; would you rather have your first semester exams before you leave for break?

Madison, sophomore:  Definitely before I leave for break so it will actually be a break and not be me thinking about the exams I have to do. Also then when I come back for the New Year I can actually start my new classes and not have a chopped up end to first semester. Plus snow days always interfere with the exam schedule when we have to wait until after the break, so I would much rather do it before.

Aleese, sophomore: Before, I want to get them over with.

Jamie, freshman: Before, because we all know that nobody studies over break, my dude.

Ms. Lasher, foreign language teacher:  I do not care how long winter break is exams should always be before break. We should also start school before August 25. It gives the AP classes more time and we come back from winter break for a week where all you are doing is just like reviewing. People forget too much. Nobody should have homework over winter break. It should be a break.

My final thoughts: I am a fan of this new calendar! I support the removal of early release days, and the extended winter break. I will be out of school-hopefully-by August of 2019, but I am happy the underclassmen will get to experience this for themselves.

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