Top Five Ways to Overcome Procrastination



Are you putting off a homework assignment or waiting until the last minute to start studying? If so, you are not alone. Nearly every student suffers from procrastination at some point in their school career, and it is difficult putting mind over matter to get your work done. The next time that you find yourself falling into the endless cycle of procrastination, try out these methods!

1.  Divide large tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.
If you have a big project or job to do that you know will take a lot of time, try to break it down into multiple simpler tasks. This will make the work feel less overwhelming, so you will be less likely to put off doing it. The hardest part is getting started on your assignment, so by dividing it into smaller parts it feels easier to begin. Additionally, each time you complete one of the smaller tasks, you will feel some extra motivation to continue and get the job done!

2. Make it a team effort!

Working with other people helps to beat procrastination because together you can keep each other accountable. If you tend to put off studying, find someone to study with, so you can plan scheduled times to work. Having a study buddy is also beneficial because you will motivate each other to continue being productive. You may even develop some healthy academic competition, which provides a bit of momentum that encourages you to put in your best effort.

3. Stay organized!
As a student, you have loads of different assignments, test dates, presentations, and responsibilities to keep straight. If all of those obligations are just floating around your mind, it can be exhausting to remember what needs to be completed, let alone start tackling the workload. To combat this, write down all of the things you need to do and the important dates you need to be ready for. This will create a sense of urgency in your mind, and you will be less likely to procrastinate and more likely to commit and take action.

4. Celebrate the mini victories.

It is easy to procrastinate when you feel like your goal is nowhere in sight and a cloud of laziness starts to blur your mind. One of the best ways to overcome this feeling is by rewarding your efforts and progress, no matter how small they might be. To break out of the vicious cycle of procrastination you have to start by accomplishing smaller tasks and developing productive habits. Any time that you decide not to wait until the last possible minute to get an assignment done, or you study hard for a test, and it pays off, you should reward yourself. This will condition your brain to continue with proactive habits instead of resorting to procrastination.

5. Find out what is causing your procrastination.

Recognizing the root cause of your procrastination will give you the best chance at stopping it. Whether you find yourself saying “Just one more episode…” or constantly feel the need to check social media, distractions are one of the main causes. Putting your phone out of site while you work will keep you focused and productive. Besides distractions, there are many other elements that may be causing your procrastination, and figuring out the origin will allow you to put a stop to the problem. You can use the infographic below to explore the major contributors to procrastination.

Remember that it only takes about twenty-one days to form a habit, so try out these tips to develop a productive routine and eliminate your pattern of procrastination. Getting started is always the most challenging part, but take the first step, put your pencil to the paper, get to work, and you will be glad you chose not to procrastinate!

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