Ready Player One Movie Review



Plot Summary:

Ready Player One begins in a place called The Stacks which is located in Columbus, Ohio in the year 2045. This story follows an eighteen year old boy named Wade Watts who is just as obsessed with a virtual reality game as everyone else. This virtual reality game is called OASIS and was created by a man named James Halliday and co founded by Ogden Morrow. After James Halliday dies, he leaves behind Easter Eggs in the game. Whoever finds the three keys, hidden strategically within the games, wins ownership of OASIS and a cash or coin prize, but there is a catch. In order to win the prize you must know all about the creator’s interests, which happens to be from the eighties culture. In the film, Wade and his friends from OASIS have to try and beat an evil company called IOI in order to save the game from their power.

Ready Player One was originally a book written by Ernest Cline in 2011. The movie was recently released March 29 and got a 76% rating form Rotten Tomatoes. Many fans of the book said the movie did not have as many details, but this is usually the case when remaking a book into a movie. Some fans also said they felt the creators of the film made the movie very simple to understand compared to the book. They also felt this change in the film would help some of the viewers who have no background knowledge of the storyline. As one of these viewers, the movie was very easy to understand for the most part. The only part that was confusing was the scenes transitioning between the finding of the second key and third key. Other than that it was simple.

Most of the film was filmed in OASIS. In OASIS everything is animated, and to a lot of viewers it was amazing to see all the detail in each of the scenes, especially since OASIS is such a crazy place. You can play any character that you desire to be. This makes the game very interesting because people you meet in the game may not be the people you think they are in real life. The film creates an on edge feeling for its audience because you do not know who the characters are until the middle of the film.

If you are interested in seeing the film. I would definitely recommend it. See it with friends and tweet us @ahslegacy to tell us what you think.

One comment

  • I thought what made the movie as fun to watch as reading the book were all of the pop culture icon cameos. I loved seeing the Iron Giant and Chucky in the movie.


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