Tips to Get Through the Rest of the School Year

With only one three-day weekend left in the next nine weeks, students and teacher alike are scrambling around wondering how they are going to get through the rest of this school year.


  • Ask for help!


Worried about that chem test on Friday? Do not be afraid to reach out to your teacher or your peers to ask for some assistance. Getting help can only benefit you.


  • Find some time for yourself


Everyone has that one hobby that really puts them in the zone. Find some “me time,” and do whatever makes you happy as long as it does not have to do with school. Having this hobby will make time for you to focus on what makes you happy for a little bit while you take a break from studying.


  • Try to get ahead


Instead of binge-watching that new season of your favorite show on Netflix, focus on something productive. If it’s Tuesday and you have a test on Friday, think about studying so you are not cramming that night before.


  • Get an adequate amount of sleep


Sleep is important if you are trying to get a good start on your day. The last thing you want is to go to bed at 2:30 a.m, and you need to be ready to go at 6 a.m. This will leave you groggy the next day and feeling terrible.


  • Realize how lucky you are


Be grateful for your education. Everytime I think “Wow, I wish I was doing anything else,” I think about all the girls and boys in developing countries who would give anything to receive a free education like us.


  • Take time to reflect


At the end of your week, go over your highs and lows of the week. Reflect on what went well during your week and not so well. Figure out ways to incorporate those good things into your next week.


  • Don’t Give Up!


You have made it this far! You cannot give up yet. The last few months will get easier as you keep moving forward.

Hopefully, these tips will help you stick it out for the rest of the school year. Good luck getting through these past few weeks, and keep on learning!

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