The evolution of this year’s prom theme



With the elegant colors of black and gold and the aura of glitz and glam in the air, this year’s prom theme hopes to capture the essence of the glamorous 1920s.

Each year, Apex High’s prom committee works with their advisor, Ms. Hoskins, to put on the best prom possible.

Senior and prom committee member Allyson Kilpatrick describes this year’s theme as, “a focus on the glitzy and the glamorous soiree style of the 1920s.  To be ‘Putting on the Ritz’ is to dress up in your fanciest, most elegant clothes and to throw an extravagant party.  It’s all about having the best time ever and looking like a million bucks while doing it.”

However, Kilpatrick also mentioned that it was not as easy to agree on one theme this year. Typically, Ms. Hoskins decides on the theme in advance, but earlier this fall, Ms. Hoskins allowed the senior prom committee members to brainstorm their “dream” prom themes. Kilpatrick definitely was full of ideas as were the rest of the seniors, “I made probably about six Pinterest boards, a prom committee’s best friend, and I tried so many different themes. I thought it was fun to create something from scratch with the possibility of my ideal theme being chosen.”

Even after the mass amount of brainstorming, the seniors and Ms. Hoskins were still having trouble deciding on one final theme. Kilpatrick states, “We were undecided for the longest time because not everyone could get on the same page. Ms. Hoskins kept going back to the idea of glitz and glam.  Slowly, we seniors came to understand Ms. Hoskins’ vision and settled on ‘Putting on the Ritz’.”

Another big worry for the prom committee members was the reception they would receive from the students. Kilpatrick explains that part of her initial skepticism of the now-decided theme was due to the pressure of what everyone would think. “My biggest concern was that people wouldn’t like this theme because so many other people, particularly Apex Friendship, had just done the same “Gatsby” prom theme in 2017. Last year’s theme, ‘Off to the Races’, wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms, and none of us wanted to see the same backlash this time around.”

Even though there are always positive and negative opinions to each prom theme, Kilpatrick and the rest of the prom committee hope the majority of those attending prom will appreciate the idea and have a memorable experience.

“I, of course, want everyone to be blown away by our decorations, but I really just hope that everyone has a great night!  I want to see a lot of dancing because that’s my favorite part of prom. I hope that it’s special for all the seniors as well,” Kilpatrick said. “I have full faith in our team, and I know Apex will do it bigger and better than other schools. I think the black and gold colors will be a hit, and they make everything tie together so well. I can’t wait for everyone to see the many surprises in store, and I’m confident this year’s prom will ‘wow’ everyone when they finally see it.”

Make sure to buy your tickets during lunch, after school, or online! Visit Apex Prom’s twitter, @ApexProm, for more details on this upcoming event!

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