Omar McBride: Cougar of the Month

How long have you been participating in indoor/outdoor track?

Since I was ten, so it has been six years now. It’s been a while.

How did you find your niche in the high jump?

I think when I was eleven my parents decided to put me in that event right before States ,and I made it to regionals. I was really excited, so it has been my event since then.

What is going through your mind when you are in the air?

I don’t think about anything when I am in the air. I have been doing it for so long that it is automatic now, and there is nothing to think about. But if I really had to think about anything, it would be my dinner or what I am going to do after the meet.

Upon returning to your roots at the real Apex as a new student and elite athlete, were you expecting this year to be so monumental for you?

Maybe not for indoor track, but I did think that something big was going to happen for outdoor. I didn’t expect it to be this.

How would you describe the feeling when you discovered that you had broken a state record for the high jump?

That was really exciting. Some people didn’t think I looked excited because my face is either smiling or not smiling, and everyone assumes I am sad when I am not smiling, but I was just really tired. I was very excited.

If you could describe that feeling in one word, what word would you use?


What is your drive or motivation to keep improving your skills?

There is still some other guy’s name beside the world record.

To have all these titles behind your name: NC #1, US #7, NC #9 All-time indoor, as a junior and praise from your school, how does that feel?

It’s exciting. I knew I was good, at Friendship I got a lot of it (praise, admiration) because I kept breaking records that were mine anyways, but here it feels like I actually had to work for it and try. It was quite difficult, but it’s exciting and a lot of work.

What are you wanting to do next?

The outdoor state record. Since I jumped seven feet indoor, seven foot three inches is looking very possible for me. What I would love to do next overall in 2018 athletically is win this 2018 Volleybros Tournament.

We are all so proud of you, Omar!

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