Top Ten Movie Soundtracks

Movies can create many emotions for their audience. One of the most important things about creating a movie is the soundtrack because it creates strong emotions and intensifies them. The songs picked for a film help tell the story and help make the movie more entertaining. Here are ten movie soundtracks that really impressed viewers.

Guardians of the Galaxy

This movie’s soundtrack was not only incredibly loved but also played an important part in the film because it meant something very sentimental to Star-Lord, one of the main characters.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean has a popular series of movies. The soundtrack especially is popular among bands all around the U.S.

3. Disney movies

Ever since you were young, you could probably recite some of these melodies Disney put out over the years. It is no big surprise these movies made the list because of their impact on so many artists and fans all around the world.

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

Many of Tim Burton’s films have spooky and creepy soundtracks. When The Nightmare Before Christmas came out people fell in love with its creepy vibes it brought to the holiday season.

5.The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman came out in December of 2017. People are amazed with the soundtrack to the movie. Many of its fans have said the songs are so lovable the easily get stuck in your head.


Superhero movies are known for the intense music. This movie in particularly had fans engaged during the movies most important parts, all thanks to the soundtrack.

7. La La Land

The musical La La Land had many fans on their toes. The music and storyline really gave fans emotions of love and happiness.

Harry Potter

This world-famous series not only won fans over with its fantastic theme, storyline, and characters but also its soundtrack. Critics and fans both agree the films soundtrack fit perfectly with the tone of bravery and empowerment of the film.

9. Star Wars

This movies engaging soundtrack is known for its wow factor and intensity. Many people could recognize it anywhere because of its uniqueness and powerful theme of unity and fighting for what is right.

10. Juno

This movie is not as popular as the others, but the soundtrack was definitely worth listening to. Fans say you have to understand the theme of the movie before you listen to the soundtrack because it will greatly affect your view on the songs.

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