Expectations VS Reality: Starting the New Semester

At the beginning of the new semester, many students have ideas in mind of what to count on for their new classes. However, as with most things in life, not everything will go as you expect. It is easy to envision all things going smoothly, but life’s crazy curve balls cause the less optimal realities to set in. Here are some expectations versus realities of starting the new semester that we can all relate to:

Expectation: You will have way less homework than you had in first semester.

Reality: Even though you finished your math class or AP history course, your new classes end up keeping you just as busy after school. It turns out that the difficult class you finished last semester has a new replacement with more work than you anticipated.

Expectation: All of a sudden you will feel extra productive and motivated to get everything done. The new semester will bring you inspiration to get all of your volunteer hours completed, start studying for tests early, and stay on top of all tasks!

Reality: It turns out first semester wore you down quite a bit, and finding the energy to stay productive is more difficult than you expected. Things may start out alright, but as second semester progresses, you quickly lose ambition.

Expectation: You will have classes and lunch with all of your closest friends.

Reality: Even if you are taking all the same courses as your buddies, as luck would have it, you end up having none of the same periods as them! To make matters worse, your best friend has first lunch but you have second. Luckily you are still able to find people to sit with, but it is not the same as being with your best companions.

Expectation: You will keep up with all your friends from first semester classes.

Reality: For some reason, most of the people you spent first semester with are nowhere to be found anymore! You occasionally see them in the hallways, but you have no classes with each other! It feels crazy to go from seeing them in class every day to not seeing them at all!

Expectation: Your schedule will not be too overwhelming.

Reality: Sooner than you think, you will start regretting your class selection choices. What were you thinking when you signed up for these classes a year ago? Unfortunately you end up with a lot heavier course load than you bargained for and still have extracurricular activities to keep up with.

Expectation: It will be easier than first semester.

Reality: Although there may be some things you prefer about your new classes, you find that all courses have positives and negatives, so it really is not any easier than last semester.

Starting new classes can be stressful and things typically end up a lot differently than you planned. Hopefully you could relate to these situations, and if what you envisioned did not become a reality, the best is yet to come. Have a great semester!

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