Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League Review. ( DC or Marvel?)

Lately, the most popular comic book companies, DC and Marvel, have been working on their own movies to showcase their superheros and villans. Two of which are the new Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League movies. Both movies were released in the month of November and are still playing in theaters. The Justice League was released at a later time, which means it is still being processed and critiqued. Fans of both  Marvel and DC were pretty impressed with each movies, and because of this, have been asking themselves the underlying question. Which is better? DC or Marvel?

The question often causes controversy among the fans of both these comic book companies, as they are both very popular and advertise amazing superheroes and villains. A survey done by Apex High School Legacy states that most students at Apex High School prefer Marvel rather than DC, and according to each of the companies latest work and various critics, we are not wrong. The rating for Justice League so far are not meeting its requirements. DC fans were upset with the casting of The Flash because the actor Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash in the TV show series, did not play The Flash in the movie; instead the role was given to the actor Ezra Miller. This not only confused some viewers but took away some of the role’s good qualities. The character did add a lot of comic relief to the film, which in the end won back some of DC’s fans.

As for Thor:Ragnarok, fans were thrilled with the movie. Just like many of Marvel’s work the movie was incredibly funny. It even referenced jokes made in previous films. The funny jokes were not the only thing that won over Marvel’s critics and fans, but so did its surprises throughout the film. There were many movements during the film that surprised fans, and at the same times improved the quality of the movie greatly.

Both of these comic book companies have won the hearts of many fans over the years. The characters and superheroes created by these companies are often role models to their fans and to be honest, who would not want a super amount of strength, intelligence, and bravery? So, whether you are a DC or Marvel fan, we can all still admire all the amazing characters created by both these companies.

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