Shining a Spotlight on Less Common Sports

Non-school related sports are often overshadowed by major sports such as football and soccer. School sports are typically more well-known, which often makes less common sports easily forgotten. It is time to put a spotlight on some of the unique sports that occur outside of school and give you a few ideas for ways to be active after class!

Jump Rope

When many people think about jump-roping the first thing that comes to mind is a fun playground game. However, it is also a highly competitive, fast-paced sport. The YMCA Super Skippers are one example of a local jump-rope team. They train for hours each week, perfecting their routines to prepare for competition. They even performed in both the Apex and Cary Christmas parades! Apex High School sophomore Taylor Zapata is a member of the Super Skippers. She feels people may underestimate her abilities at first, but once they learn what competitive jump-roping involves, they become highly impressed. Zapata detailed, “We spend our entire season working towards a huge national competition, which requires a strong work ethic, creativity for freestyle routines, and building up endurance.”


Bowling is a great recreational sport and can also be competitive at the same time. If you are looking to get active but dread the cold winter weather, bowling is just the right sport for you. Inviting friends to an afternoon at Buffaloe Lanes for a casual competition is a fun way to get started. There are even competitive bowling leagues to join if you want to be on a team and bowl on a regular basis. Another benefit of bowling is its appeal to all ages. If you have family coming for the holidays, everyone ranging from your toddler-aged cousins to your grandparents can participate for a festive family outing.

Ice Skating

Although ice skating is commonly known as an extremely challenging Olympic sport, with practice you can learn to do it too. Just like all of the sports mentioned, you can participate recreationally or take it to the competitive level. The Polar Ice House hosts both figure skating and hockey clinics and classes. It is also another seasonal activity to do with family or friends.

Rock Climbing

When thinking about sports, rock climbing is probably one of the last things that comes to mind. However, with more facilities offering it, its popularity is growing. Rock climbing proposes many health benefits, and incorporates upper-body strength, lower-body strength, and intricate footwork. Although there are extreme versions done on mountainous terrain, local gyms such as the Triangle Rock Club offer classes to teach you how to climb! It is a great sport to tailor to your individual skill level, and as you progress there are new advanced skills to learn.

Football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and all of the other school sports are important and enjoyable to participate in as well. But if none of those suit you, trying a more uncommon sport could be a home run. Make sure to stay active in either a competitive or recreational way by enjoying one of these unique sports!

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