Operation Christmas Child: It only takes a shoe box

One of Apex High School’s known clubs is making a difference this holiday season. While this time of year brings many exciting traditions, Fellowship of Christian Athletes is reminding those of what it means to give back. FCA gathered Wednesday, Nov. 15 to pack shoe boxes full of gifts for those in need all over the world.

This was all made possible by founders Dave and Jill Cooke from the United Kingdom. They started the program in 1990, and the organization now aims to spread the good news of the season with children all over the world. Whether affected by war, poverty, natural disaster, famine, or disease, Operation Christmas Child hopes to remind children how loved they are. Check out how FCA was able to donate sixty-four shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child!

The shoebox can be home to “wow” items, personal care items, clothing and accessories, crafts and activities, toys, and even personal notes. Every year, Apex FCA participates in this relief effort with the Samaritan Purse. Each grade was given an age group and a gender. After making multiple runs to Target, Walmart, Five Below, and the Dollar Tree, members met in the Aux. gym to bring all their donations together. Next, they split up into their small groups and dumped all of the goodies into the middle. Students then began filling each shoebox with different items and taped their labels on top once they were all done.

To motivate students to participate, FCA created a competition for this event. The grade that made the most shoeboxes would get Bo-Berry Biscuits. Once the frenzy of packaging finished up, the juniors were victorious. However, it was not about getting a biscuit. Members were just happy to bring good spirits for children all around the world. FCA co-president Claire Garner said, “We aren’t just gifting tangible presents. I love Operation Christmas Child because it not only a source of hope for the kids but it also keeps me humble during this exciting holiday. It’s a nice reality check to remember those that feel alone especially around this time of year.”

Congratulations to FCA on their big accomplishment with Operation Christmas Child. Remember to give back this holiday season!

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