When is the last time you showed an act of kindness?

Kindness is defined by the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It’s easy to be all these traits to a close friend or family member, but how easy is it to do something nice for someone you have never met before? Maybe it is someone that you just see walking down the hallways or behind you in the lunch line. Most places are easy for small acts of kindness to be done, but when was the last time you did something nice for someone at school? Sometimes it is hard to remember that it might not just be you having a bad day, so here are a couple things you could do around school to show some kindness.


Say thank you: Try to think of the last time you said thank you to a teacher or staff member at school. Everyday the teachers and staff work hard to make sure they have new material for us to learn, food made for lunch, a clean school for the next day, and so much more. Many of the things they do are under appreciated. So maybe next time the teacher helps you on a problem in class, or that janitor picks up trash you left on the table, say a quick thank you. It could make their day a little better and make them want to do their job just a little more.


Give someone missing work: We all know that in middle school we could miss a day and, it would be no big deal, but that changed a lot when we got to high school. You could miss an hour and it would feel like a whole week had gone by. So next time you have a friend who is sick and misses a day of class, get their work and bring it to them after school, and maybe even help them and explain how to do it. It will take a lot of stress off them, and it could also be even like a review for you.


Eat lunch with someone new: This one might be a little more difficult, but have you ever seen someone eating lunch alone? Next time you see this, go up and sit down with them no matter who they are. Eating lunch alone is the worst, and it would not hurt to make someone’s day better by having someone to talk to and making a new friend yourself.


Compliment someone: The easiest way of all is to simply just compliment someone. Everyone knows how good it feels for someone to say they like their shoes or how they did their hair that day, so next time you are walking down the hallway and you see something that you like, tell them. Do not  let it matter if it is your best friend or someone you have never even seen before. It will put a smile on their face for the rest of the walk to their next class.


Help someone of their work: We have all been in the position where we literally have no idea what we are doing in a class. Next time the person sitting next to you is confused and you understand it, try to help them out on the problem. It will help them and the teacher by them not having to stop class and explain them to it.


So now that you see how easy it is to do the little things that could make someone’s day better, what is the next act of kindness that you will perform?

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