Are Manners a Thing of the Past?

What happened to good old southern hospitality? It seems like people cannot even muster up the strength to give a little smile or nod of the head anymore. So why is this? Could it be the fact that we are always looking down at our phones, or are we raising kids differently nowadays?

“Relating through electronic devices creates a breeding ground for rudeness since it’s easier to be rude anonymously or remotely; you get less practice for ‘real’ relationships; and, for most people, brief written communications are more likely than face-to-face interactions to lead to rude, insensitive, or misinterpreted remarks,” says The Observer, I am as bad as the next teenager when it comes to how much time I spend on my phone. I wake up and look to see if I received any texts over night, but does that mean I do not have manners? That’s a stretch, but I do think that being on my phone so often makes me a little less social and makes me seem ruder then I am. When people are looking down so often, they are missing the opportunities to look up and recognize what good manners look like. Someone who was raised in a generation without smartphones obviously observed more habits, and while watching those habits, they developed a sense for what they should and shouldn’t do in social situations.

However, it’s not only our phones that seems to make us ruder. It is also the environment that our guardians raised us in. It seems today that parents are more focused on making their kids happy rather than teaching them skills that will benefit them in the long run. Many kids also live in an environment where both parents work, and it’s just that much harder to teach the kids manners, instead of throwing a tablet in front of them. It could be even more of a hassle for kids with one parent or a parent with two jobs. However, parents have a significant influence on their children, and if they are not present, it’s much harder for them to learn the skills they need to thrive in social situation.

It could be not only their parental environment they grow in but also what they are observing as they grow up. Teens often listen to rappers degrading women and watching reality TV shows with a warped actuality. Growing up and watching and hearing these things could make children think that it is okay to act like such. Today’s adults were not raised in the same type of environment, and they were often taught to mind their P’s and Q’s. This is one of the reasons that teens and parents might clash when it comes to manners and attitude.

It’s up to you to decide whether you are ruder than your parents, but the statistics do not lie. It could be due to the fact we are always looking at our phones or that we were raised with a single mom. The reason for it does not seem to matter as much as a solution to the pressing problem matters.

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