A Royal Engagement

Disney Princess movies always portray to little girls the wonderful, yet unrealistic, idea of finding your Prince Charming, but for Meghan Markle, this fairytale has become a reality. On Monday, Nov. 27, Prince Harry and his fiancé Meghan Markle officially announced their engagement as they strolled through the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace. The couple kept things quiet during their debut, but Harry told reporters that he knew he wanted to marry Markle since the first day they met. Fans of the royal family have been eager to learn about the ring, the wedding, life after, and all about who Markle is, and the couple has released just enough to get the public excited.

With a royal engagement comes a royal-quality ring, and Prince Harry definitely did not disappoint. He designed a custom ring with a golden band, a large diamond from Botswana, and two smaller diamonds from his late mother. Harry included the piece from Botswana because the couple has spent much time there since their relationship began. Regardless of how expensive the ring is, it’s the thought behind it that makes it special.

People around the world are getting excited for the royal wedding, which they announced will be held in Spring 2018 in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor, but the couple is a little nervous. Markle is the first American woman to marry into the family since King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson were engaged in 1936. There was so much controversy involving their engagement that he left his throne to be with the love of his life. Prince Harry reportedly took his fiancé to meet the queen and receive approval, so we will most likely not have to watch another member of the family step down from their position. Hopefully, a near eighty years later, people will be more accepting of the union. As the spring gets closer, stay tuned for details on the wedding. Once the two have tied the knot, they will enjoy life together in Nottingham Cottage on the Kensington Palace grounds where Prince Harry currently lives.

Aside from the details surrounding the engagement and the wedding, many people are curious about Markle’s story. She is most known in America for her acting, starring in various episodes of CSI, Castle, and 90210, having roles in two Hallmark Channel Television films, and starring in many episodes of the American drama Suits. She has even starred in a few movies including Remember Me, Horrible Bosses, and Anti-Social. You may also recognize her as a case holder for the game show Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel. Like many people who pursue acting, Markle goes by her middle name with her real first name being Rachel. Before she got these acting roles, she made money as a calligrapher for weddings and other special occasions. As far as her education goes, she graduated from Northwestern University majoring in communications. In her free time she updated her lifestyle blog called ‘The Tig’ for three years but recently decided that she would stop posting due to her future duties in the royal family. As all of this information supports, Markle is more than eligible to be the wife of a prince.

Every royal wedding is sure to be an event to remember, but people seem to be particularly excited as to how this wedding will play out. Stay tuned in Spring 2018 to watch the wedding yourself!


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