What’s your most embarrassing moment from school?

Whether it is getting called on and not knowing the answer or falling down the stairs, we all have that one memory that you just can not forget about, that “ruined your life at the time”. Now looking back on it, it is a little less life ending and a little funnier. I asked some students at Apex High what their most embarrassing moment was to find out a little more about them.

My most embarrassing moment was…


“Okay so on the first day of school freshman year, my brother, who graduated last year, had told me whatever you do, don’t eat the Mac-N-Cheese in the lunch line. So of course since he was a senior I knew, I had to listen to him and, all of his friends were telling me the same thing. So I get in the lunch line and I’m, waiting while I’m standing next to tons of other freshman getting lunch too. I finally, make my way up to where the Mac-N-Cheese is, so I’m trying to warn everyone by saying, “Whatever you guys do don’t eat the Mac-N-Cheese. “Then I feel a tap on my shoulder so I turn around and, there’s the lunch lady. She was asking me so many questions on why I was telling everyone not the eat the Mac-N-Cheese and getting really mad at me. So after I finished talking to her I walked away, and didn’t eat lunch that day and packed my lunch the rest of the year.” -J


“It was my eighth grade year, and I had a role in the school play. I was excited to have a role in it but, the down part was that my character had to be thrown in a trash can. Everyone came to watch the play that night, so that meant that everyone had to watch me get thrown in a trashcan. It was so embarrassing!” -E


“One time in math class I thought I knew the answer to this really hard problem that literally no one could figure out, so I thought it would be a good idea to volunteer to present my work and answer to the class. Turns out it wasn’t the right answer but at least everyone got a good laugh out of it” -A


“So last year the day of the wake county cheer competition I was feeling, sick the whole day. I thought I would feel better if I ate some fruit, so I ate some raspberries and, I get to the bottom of the box and, they are all rotten and moldy. So we’re at the competition waiting to go on, and I start to feel sick so I start to turn around and, then I just started throwing up everywhere. When I throw up, I cry, so I was throwing up everywhere and crying at the same time. It just wasn’t a good day for me.”   -D


“My friend and I were passing a piece of paper back and forth after taking a test one time when the whole class was supposed to be quiet. We weren’t talking so, it’s not like we were distracting anyone but, my teacher caught us in mid pass after he gave us a warning to stop passing notes, so we had to stand up and read the note in front of the class. That was the day everyone in that class found out my huge crush on this kid a grade above us, not the mention he was in that class with us. It was so embarrassing!”  -J


“One time in middle school I was wearing these jeans and, I went to go sit down and, the whole pants just split right in half! I didn’t know what to do so, I just took my binder and covered it up and ask to go to the bathroom. But my teacher realized what had happened and, he called me out in front of the whole class and told them all to look at me. My face was so red.” -S


“ My freshman year I kept seeing this girl around the school and, she was really hot, so one day my brother, a senior, and I were talking and, I told him about this girl. He acted like he had no idea who she was. I then found out later that she was a senior, and she and my brother were friends. He ended up telling all his friends, including her, that I liked her. The next day I saw her walking in the hallway and I was too busy staring at her that I tripped and fell in front of everyone, including her. For the rest of the year it was so awkward whenever we saw each other.” -L


“On the first day of school my sixth grade year, first I got lost on the way to the bathroom, and when I finally found i️t, I accidentally went in the wrong one. Not to mention that there were boys already in the bathroom when I walked in. Then a teacher saw me as I was leaving the bathroom. I️t was so embarrassing, I didn’t know what to say.” -M


Now that you’ve heard someone else life ending moment, hopefully yours won’t seem as bad!

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