Apex High School Orchestras

Apex High School’s orchestra had an amazing concert on November 7. The concert had songs performed at the Western Wake Orchestra Festival and more. The Western Wake Orchestra Festival on October 26 was a concert hosted by Apex High School this year. This performance was directed by Jim Waddelow, who directs the Raleigh Symphony Orchestra, Oklahoma Haydn festival, and all the instrumental activities at Meredith College. Waddelow directed Apex High School along with many other schools such as West Cary Middle, Davis Drive Middle, Green Hope High School, Cary High School, and Athens Drive High School. All schools did a fantastic job while giving  new experiences to the middle schoolers. The concert was also Apex’s orchestra fundraiser for the year. The fundraiser included a bake sale, silent auction, and donation box. All donations given to our orchestra are greatly appreciated.

The song selection for the concert fit well with this season. Songs performed such as “Psycho’s Prelude” and “Shower Scene” were very entertaining to listen to. What also made the concert very entertaining was the comedy added to the concert, “I would tell you a dairy joke, but it would be too cheesy,”said one of the violins in Apex’s Beginning orchestra. The great songs and funny jokes were not the only thing entertaining the guests; they were also treated to a bake sale. The delicious cookies and pie made all the guests leap out of their seats during intermission. Apex also hosted a silent auction to help raise money for our school’s orchestra. They were selling items such as Target gift cards and much more.

From the mouth-watering sweets at the bake sale to the great music performed in the auditorium, the concert were really fun to attend. Our impressive orchestras put on a great show by showing off their talents with much devotion and dedication in addition to our school’s orchestra director Todd Miller and other supporters who help guide our fellow classmates to their great performances. Guests who attended cannot wait until the next concert and see all the improvements. So next time an orchestra concert comes around, invite a friend, sit back, and relax while enjoying the wonderful music.

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