Thanksgiving Food Favorites at Apex High School

Thanksgiving is a time when people take the time to love and appreciate their friends and family while also thinking of all the things we are thankful for and care about, but really, we just love the food. Food is one of the most essential parts of Thanksgiving, and because of this, everyone has a specific food they always crave on Thanksgiving. Whether it is Grandma’s famous apple fritter pie or microwaved stuffing, we all have our favorites. Here are a couple of foods many Apex High School students are craving this Thanksgiving.

A survey containing just under two hundred Apex High School students stated that most kids at Apex’s favorite Thanksgiving food was some sort of dessert. A large group of students said their favorite food was delicious pumpkin pie. In fact 45.5% of students at Apex said their favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving was some sort of pie. They also stated that sweet potato casserole and banana pudding was also among their all-time favorites. Now, it is not an actual Thanksgiving dinner with just dessert. Many of the students that were surveyed also enjoy eating savory meals as well.

The majority of the students who said their favorite food was in the savory category, said their favorite food included mashed potatoes and stuffing. There were also students that said their favorite food included mac and cheese, turkey, ham, cornbread/biscuits, and green bean casserole. Everyone has a different idea of a good meal. There were even some students who were outliers and said their favorite foods were pizza or white castle burgers.

This Thanksgiving, students at Apex High School will be enjoying a variety of foods. Hopefully this has given you some ideas of what to cook this year or has got you thinking of your favorite foods to eat during Thanksgiving. Feel free to tweet out your favorite food to @ahslegacy on twitter.

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