The Lion King Cast Announcement

Only 618 days until the world will witness the newest members to walk the Pride Lands. The epic story, the characters you love, and the songs you remember are coming back to the big screen. On Nov. 1, Disney announced The Lion King cast for the 2019 live-action remake. This talented team accompanies some very familiar faces and voices. The film became highly-anticipated from the moment it was announced at the 2017 D23 Expo, and with the full cast now revealed, viewers are more excited than ever.

The biggest news to hit the headlines is Queen B’s announcement to voice the character of Nala. The cast was already packed with A-list stars, but she rounds out this all-star cast. Donald Glover will take on Simba, and I can picture the harmonies of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” right now. While the heart strings will indeed be pulled throughout this remake, there will also be tastes of comic relief with the well-known Seth Rogan voicing Pumba and Billy Eichner voicing Timon.

So, just how excited are fans? I went around and asked an Apex High Cougar what she thought about the recent announcement. Junior Jillian Schaller, a Disney fanatic, shared her thoughts. In regards to the cast she said, “I think it’s going to be great because the people I recognize vocally will make the characters their own. I also think it’s brilliant to bring back James Earl Jones because no one can do Mufasa like Mufasa himself. Also, to have Seth Rogan as Pumba will be an adventure of its own.” Schaller was thrilled to hear Beyoncé was a part of this remake, “The fact that Beyoncé is Nala, I mean, how much stronger can this character be! Beyoncé will just bring a whole other realm of fierce qualities to Nala, and I’m so down for it.”

Schaller talked about her favorite parts of The Lion King, “I love all the cheesy comedic scenes, and the music geek inside of me will forever and always be obsessed with the soundtrack.”

Schaller also shared what she was looking forward to specifically in this live-action remake, “I’m excited to see how Disney will make it happen because the animation has to be difficult. There were more limitations with the Broadway production, and I think Disney is going to bring this story to an entirely new level. All the technology they have recently obtained has created wonderful live-action remakes so far, so it has to go up from here. However, if they mess it up, my childhood might take offense.”

Schaller is one of the many film fanatics anticipating this remake. Social media has flooded timelines with memes and emotionally-excited gifs. Needless to say, the world cannot wait to witness this creation, and July 2019 could not come soon enough.

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