Stranger Things season 2 review

With Stranger Things season one leaving us in wonder for what was in the future of the boys and their families, people were ready for the reveal of season two to find out. Caution: Season one spoilers ahead! Stranger Things season one started with four boys: Will, who was played by Noah Schnapp; Mike, who was played by Finn Wolfhard; Dustin, who was played by Gaten Matarazzo; and Lucas, who was played by Caleb McLaughlin. One night while riding on his bike Will goes missing, and no one has any idea where he went. Season one showed the journey of the three remaining boys meeting new people such as Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, to help find Will. They then discovered that it was not a person that took Will; it was a Demogorgon. Slowly more and more of the town started going missing and, people were getting suspicious. Will’s mom Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder and, Officer Hopper, played by David Harbour become close and together discover this world called the Upside Down. All paths led back to the Hawkins Lab. Finally they figured out what was happening and, they needed to find out a way to get Will back. Season one ends with Eleven defeating the monster, but with her defeating the monster she gets taken back to the Upside Down world. Will also returns to home and looks the same but, you can tell there is something different about him. With an ending like this, it left many questions unanswered.

With Stranger Things returning this year many people, wanted to know what was happening. The season started out with a normal life for the kids, but that did not last long. Will started having, what they thought were flashbacks from the Upside Down. Soon Will’s whole personality changed, almost like something had taken over him. Weird things started happening again in the town. Officer Hopper found Eleven in the beginning of this season and became almost like a father figure to her. Eleven found things out about her family that she never knew before. We met new characters in this season such as Max, played by Sadie Sink, who becomes very close with Lucas and Dustin. We also met Bob, who was played by Sean Astin, whom Joyce is dating. We not only met new people and learned about them but we also learned more and more about the characters already in the story. This season brought new relationships between the chracters that you might have not expected. Even in this season, many paths lead back to Hawkins Lab. With this new discovery people now started to realizing something very suspicious was going on there. With many of our questions answered this season, the ending left us on an even bigger cliff hanger than last.

Personally this season was by far the better one with every episode having something interesting happening in it. Stranger Things is one of those shows that will keep you wanting to finish the season in one day, which is exactly what I did! Season two was a huge success, with pulled in plot from last season but also brought new stuff to the table. Thankfully the plan is to continue with the show and make about two to three more seasons before bring the show to an end. So the real question is, will you be planning to not do anything for the weekend and binge watch season two of Stranger Things?

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