What’s going on with Powderpuff?

Powderpuff is a traditional event at Apex High School, but for the past four years, the game has fallen short of following its normal schedule. Powderpuff seems like something many would want to participate in. It’s a time when girls from each grade team up and tackle a game of flag football. The commitment consists of attending two practices and playing the game all within one week. Still, why does it keep getting pushed back to the spring? Why are students not signing up? Will it ever happen in the fall again? I think it could, but a few things need to change first.

I participated in Powderpuff my freshman year, and it was such a cool experience. I never thought I would ever find myself on the other side of the football stands, but Powderpuff gave me the chance to show my skills in a stereotypical male sport. The 2014-2015 school year was the last time Powderpuff was held in the fall. Since then, it has been cancelled and rescheduled for the spring each year, including the current 2017-2018 school year. The biggest cause of this cancellation is the low attendance numbers. Not enough people are signing up from each grade, and therefore, there can be no game.

One reason I believe has influenced this outcome is the effort put into spreading the word. Although there might be some chatter during the morning announcements, students still listen to certain pieces of information that pertain to them. My peers can back me up on this when I say that Powderpuff was only announced once or twice on the morning announcements, and it was within short notice of the actual event. I personally found out it was happening through a message in a group chat. The point I am trying to make is there was not much advertisement of the event itself. I think it would have been really beneficial to put posters or flyers around the school. This could possibly increase the chances of students coming across the game’s announcement.

Another explanation for the low number of sign-ups could be busy schedules. Whether you are in a sport, marching band, an arts program, a certain club, multiple AP’s, have a job, or applying to college, it’s hard to carve out additional time. The conflicting practice schedules prove challenging for some students, and it can become harder to prioritize. If you are a student-athlete, the possibility of participating in Powderpuff becomes even harder because the risk of an injury causes some coaches to prevent team members from engaging in the event. In addition, Powderpuff tends to fall on the most important time for athletic teams. For example, cross country teams have their meets during the week, and conference meets start up during late October.

I think it is possible for Powder Puff to happen in the fall again, but I do think there needs to be more considerations of student schedules and spreading the word. Powderpuff was a highly anticipated even back when I was a freshman, and I would love for it to be that way again. Either way, Powderpuff is still on for this spring, but only next year will tell if it will happen in the fall.

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