How Music Helps Students in School

Music is a wonderful thing; it helps many people gain confidence, deep thinking skills, and helps them deal with problems they may face. This does not only apply to people but also students. It can enhance a student’s ability to focus, relax, and helps develop creative thinking skills. If all these things are true about music, then why are there not more students interacting with it? Some may say it is because they are afraid, afraid of looking stupid or afraid of feeling insecure of what other musicians will think of them. Music and arts should not be a frightening thing; it should help you express yourself to others and be fun. If more students would stop being afraid of the joys in playing music or trying out a new instrument, their ability to focus and relax would not be the only thing that would improve; so will their confidence, grades, and memorization skills.

Day-to-day life can be very stressful for a student, especially if you are taking honors or even AP classes. I can speak from personal experience and say that taking more musically inclined classes definitely helps restart my brain for my more difficult classes. Taking more of these types of classes will make your stress levels plummet, making it easier to take important tests and other school related subjects. According to the National Association of Music, there are many benefits to music in schools. They stated that students who are more engage in music associated classes get 63 points higher for verbal and 44 points higher for math on their SAT scores. The reason music is a very helpful to students is because music requires lots of memorization. A musician has to memorize each note in a piece of music and not just the note but the duration of the the note, the dynamics, and various other aspects all depending on which instrument you are playing. These memorization skills can be extremely useful to a student when it comes time to study for a test or project. Students that have a musical background are not the only students to gain benefits and use them to their best ability because students who take art classes also gain benefits. Students that are in many of art classes tend to have great visual memorization skills. This makes it much easier to gather information, visualize it, and then able to recreate it or use it to solve problems. Music and art is not just a great way to boost up your grades but also other social skills.

Confidence, anxiety, and depression are all things that most young adolescents struggle with, and with uproaring conflicts in social aspects, it is not getting any better. There are many ways people cope with anxiety and depression; music can be one of those things. Music enhances confidence due to the fact that accomplishing a piece of music can be pretty rewarding. This unknown confidence can then be used to share connections with other people and enable you to try to make new friends or push yourself do even more difficult musical pieces. Music’s ability to boost your self esteem and confidence can also help students during school by helping them become more motivated to pursue their school work. Improving your confidence can also help you improve your social interactions and dedication, along with many other things.

 Whether you listen to music or play music yourself, you would know how much it affects everything in your life. It is a life changing experience for many people, and if you let it, it can change your life too. Students who interact with music not only gain many friends, but their grades, confidence, memorization skills, and various other things are improved. My final message to all non-musicians, music is nothing to be afraid of it is like a roller coaster, more thrilling than scary and worth it in the end.  


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