A look into winter sports

With fall around the corner and winter approaching fast, you know that means winter sports season. I asked some of the winter sports coaches a couple of questions to get a look into what they expect and want to see this season.

Coach Neal, the head varsity men’s basketball coach, told me that he is excited to see the fall workout season come to an end and get into the real season. He told us that for this season, he wants to play more full court defense and create more turnovers to help with our offense. This year, men’s varsity basketball will have about nine returners, many of them seniors. Coach Neal gave us a piece of advice for anyone who might try out this year, and that was, “hustle, go hard during tryouts, and be coachable too.”

Next I visited Coach Little to see how he felt about the upcoming season. He told us how he is excited for the season, but the upcoming team will be very young. “We lost seven seniors last year, and two of them were state placers, so we will score some points, just up and down the line we will be very thin and very young”, said Coach Little. Coach Little knows the process this year might be a little slow, due to the fact that most athletes do not start wrestling until the 9th grade, unless they were involved in club wrestling. A piece of advice that Coach Little gave anyone trying out is that you just always have to power through. “You are going to get beat up everyday at practice and that is part of the sport so if you can overcome that then you can do it.”

Next I talked to Coach Michael, the head women’s varsity basketball coach, about her upcoming season. She told us that her expectation for this season is to make it to playoffs, to win the majority of their games this season, and to see an improvment throught the entire season. The team did lose eight seniors this year, but Coach Michael is looking forward to seeing others step up as the season goes on.

Do not forget most tryouts for winter sports start on Oct. 31, so be ready. Everyone knows that no one wants Friday Night Lights to end, but get excited to see your winter sports take on the season and win.

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