Twelve Angry Men Review

Apex High’s production of “Twelve Angry Men” was one for the books. They had it all, including a fantastic cast and brilliant use of stage seating.
Reginald Rose’s play “Twelve Angry Men” was performed by Apex’s Peak Players for four days last week. It detailed twelve jurors debating whether or not a sixteen year old should be put to death for the alleged killing of his father. While it seems clear-cut that the boy did it, the optimistic Juror Number Eight has something else in mind. Piece by piece she attempts to convince the eleven other jury members that this boy is not guilty. Some are a little less than thrilled, but a few other open-minded jurors try to see her side of the story. An outspoken young woman surprises everyone with her attention to detail and engagement to the case, which is important when a boy’s life is on the line.
To start off, there was an overwhelming amount of things that I liked about the play. My favorite by far was the cast. Juniors CeCe Boudwin and Dane Swanser were the lead roles and very much deserved them. You could tell that by the way they moved to the emotion in their voices that they put everything that they had into this play. All of the actors did an absolutely amazing portrayal of the time period. They did this through the diction they chose and the clothes they wore. Boudwin says, “We took about a month or two to practice for the play.” To me, this is amazing. These young actors only spent about a month and a half to prepare for a two act play- both acts being about 45 minutes. The other thing I really liked about this play was the diversity in it. The play had people from all different backgrounds. Even Apex’s cast exemplified this. We had a range of grades and people from around the school. I love how acting breaks the barrier of background, gender, and race and brings everyone together.
Now onto the things that weren’t too enjoyable although there weren’t many. To start off I was not a fan of the seating around the stage. We now have at Green Level an auditorium that seats 850, and I felt as if we should have used this space. When I arrived, seating was very minimal, and more people could have definitely come and enjoyed the play if we sat in the auditorium seats. Another minor detail that was a bit distracting was that I didn’t know whether there were sidebar conversations going on or if it was part of the play to be whispering. When someone said something controversial, you could see that they were whispering, but there were some instances where I didn’t know if it was part of the play or not. These were rather minor details, but I think that they would have made the experience slightly better.
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the play that Apex High put on. The last play I went to was Dillard Drive Middle School’s production of “The Fourth Wall,” so I didn’t know what to expect. These young actors really have something special about them, and for such a young age they have an overwhelming amount of talent. The pros most definitely outweighed the cons in this play, and I was very happy that I attended.

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