The Unsung Heroes of Apex High

For many of us, we barely mutter a thank you to our school custodian when they come by our lunch table to clean up our trash. Should we be doing more?

Our lunch staff and custodians could be the called the backbone of Apex High. While usually just given a glance, we need to be doing more to show them that we appreciate them. This could be things from writing a note to them to telling them thank you when they come and pick up your trash during lunch. Head Custodian, Jeff Cropper, says, “One thing we really need students and faculty to do is to follow guidelines that we put out and take them seriously. Everyone must remember this is your school; treat it like you would treat your home.” For students, this means things like not eating in the classrooms, and for faculty, it means enforcing this rule in the classroom. As for the lunch staff here at Apex, there are also ways that we could treat them better. “You guys are in high school and continuing to get older. You could come through the line using your manners, no sitting on stuff, no touching food and putting it back and don’t cut ahead of people in line. You know just have respect as if you were going out to a restaurant,” says head of lunch staff, Ms. Agnes Brown.

A lot of students see custodians in the cafeteria cleaning up at lunch, but they also supervise many other things. When we are sitting at our dining room table sipping hot chocolate on a snow day, they are outside trying to clear up the ice on the roads so we can get back to school as soon as possible. Maintenance is not their full responsibility, but the old Apex would not have made it through the past few years without them. Not only that, but after every home game, they go and clean up the bleachers, which are full of things like wrappers, gum, and drink bottles. Coach Cropper says that the custodians’ main job however is to, “make sure that Apex High School is clean, safe, kids are fed, and to establish a good environment for our kids to learn and grow.”

As for our lunch staff they have many responsibilities as well. They not only make our food but go through many precautions to ensure it is safe and healthy for us to eat. They are so busy in the back kitchen, it was even hard to catch an interview with Ms. Brown. She says that some of her responsibilities as Head of Lunch Staff are running daily procedures, make sure we all get fed, and order the food, just to name a few. When talking to the lunch staff, they were all so kind and courteous, even under the stress of their lunch time duties.

Whether it is writing a small thank you note or just telling a custodian you appreciate them, make sure you’re doing something that makes them aware that you are thankful. It may not seem like it, but a simple thank you can go a long way.

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