The Best Moments at Apex High School

Throughout the years, Apex High School has been home to many exciting events and long-lasting memories. All grade levels have experienced different times at Apex but also have some overlapping points. Regardless, AHS students all have their own favorite moments and are hoping for more to come before their high school careers end.

Freshman Courtney Maynard

As a freshman, Maynard has only been here for about two months but still spoke about her favorite moment so far. With a smile on her face, she described, “My favorite memory would probably be dancing in Senora Hatch’s Spanish class.” She described how it is an ongoing memory because they get to do Zumba in class every Friday. Maynard enjoys a break from sitting for ninety minutes straight, and Zumba in class really improves her day. “It’s really funny, and it gets us moving in class,” she explained.  As a whole, Maynard has been enjoying her time at AHS and says she loves the atmosphere. “I haven’t been here that long, so I’m definitely excited for more moments like these in the future,” she concluded.

Sophomore Jules Chatham

When asked what her favorite memory from AHS was, Chatham detailed, “I have a lot of them, but I really liked painting the mural last year for history club with my friends. We had a lot of fun, and since the mural was at the original AHS, we kind of left our mark on the school before it was torn down.” Chatham is glad she got to experience the original AHS before moving to Green Level, and she knows painting the mural is a neat memory to have. Chatham mentioned, “It was really cool to be a part of,” and she hopes at the rebuilt Apex she will get to paint another mural. While at Green Level, Chatham specified, “I’m excited for more pep rallies because I always think those are really energetic and fun.”

Junior Carter Broome

Broome’s favorite AHS memory took place during his sophomore year on his Academy of Information Technology field trip to Bond Park. At the park they did several activities, and Broome’s favorite was one involving a jump rope, which he detailed, “It was our job as a team to transfer everyone from one side of the rope to the other without hitting it, but as a competitive jump roper, I had already done this activity several times in the past.” This parallel between an AOIT school activity and his passion for jump rope made the moment very memorable for Broome. He described, “Having experience with jump rope, I emerged as a natural leader and helped my group succeed in any way I could.”  His group ended up successful, and they had a lot of fun completing the activity. Field trips are always some of the best AHS moments!

Senior Kyle Organo

As a senior, Organo has accumulated many memories at AHS over the years. His favorite is a humorous moment which he explained, “My best memory is when I answered ‘Barkwood’ when I was asked my favorite type of wood.” In Organo’s junior year, one of his classmates was asking random questions to everyone for his English documentary. Organo was asked about his favorite type of wood. Organo reminisced, “I confidently answered ‘Barkwood’ and without thinking about what I had said everybody started looking at me and laughed!” Organo’s classmate later uploaded the video full of questions to YouTube, and Organo remembered, “Everyone was laughing at me! There’s no type of wood called Barkwood! The next day in APUSH the class watched the video, and I immediately sprinted out of the classroom!” This was an embarrassing moment for Organo. However, he did take away a piece of advice from the situation and stated, “Remember to think before you say!”  

Even though some students have spent only a couple months at Apex and others over three years, everyone has experienced many enjoyable moments and has difficulty choosing one favorite. Despite how the recollections range from major events like field trips to miniscule times like a funny class joke, the memories created at AHS are ones that can last forever.

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