Homecoming Dance 2017

Last Saturday evening over 350 Apex High students arrived at the transformed cafeteria to dance the night away at a fall harvest. Some arrived in their boots and flannels and others in their suits and heels. Songs all the way from the “Cupid Shuffle” to “Thinking out loud” were played, so everyone had a chance to break it down on the dance floor, no matter what kind of music you like.

When the Homecoming theme was first announced this year as Fall Harvest, not everyone fully agreed on the suggested dress code, and some even did not like the theme. The dress code soon changed back to formal and got everyone back on board with this year’s Homecoming dance.  

Not everyone knew what to expect when purchasing their twenty dollar ticket.  Upon arriving to the school, the Fall Harvest theme was immediately evident with a tractor greeting everyone at the door along with hay bales, and other gorgeous fall decor.  The inside of the cafeteria had string lights, hay bales and pumpkins to continue the theme.  For fun, you could take your picture with your date or friends at the fall harvest photo booth area.  For food, your price of admission included pizza, bottled water, and ice cream.

Some of the highlights of the night were when a few members of the senior class went to the front by the DJ to get the place excited and pumped up.  Even Dr. Kearney couldn’t contain herself and made her way to the dance floor. 360 Vision Events did an amazing job keeping the student body on the dance floor and entertained with classic crowd favorites such as “Shut up and Dance” and “The Wobble”.

Even though everyone was not sure about the Fall Harvest theme for Homecoming 2017, the night turned out to be a great success. We all learned that we do not need to worry if we ever lose power and do not have light because we discovered the emergency lights and how bright they actually are.

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