Apex High School’s first Marching Band Competition

On Sept. 30, 2017 Apex High School started off their first marching band competition of the season. This year the theme for the performance is Traveling On, which fits well with our school’s situation. All of the marching band, visual essembly, and prop crew put in their best efforts on Saturday and earned awards because of it. The marchers, color-guard, visuals, awards and the other high schools marching bands made it a very exciting night for the cougars.

During the performance most of the marchers said they felt really good about how they did on Saturday. The freshman especially seemed very excited as this performance is their first ever. They worked very hard during practice, and it paid off. Practicing even more as the season goes on will only improve the show as this is exactly what the marching band plans to do. From the audience’s perspective, the music sounded great, along with the visuals which made the show even better. As for awards, Apex High School got second place for drum major and percussion. They also got first place in marching, music, and general effect. This went along with their superior rating and a score of  91.83 making each member proud to be in their uniforms.

Alongside the marchers the visual essembly were also very proud to be dancing across the field at the Pinecrest Band Fest. This year the guard is mostly freshmen, so for most of them, it was their first competition ever, and they all felt it was pretty good for their first performance. Along with the marchers, they also plan on practicing for future competitions. For the award ceremony, color-guard was given second place for their class, giving them room to improve and move on with more confidence for future competitions.

During the show there were also some very interesting and creative props. Each individual prop fit very well with the theme, traveling on. The props included four giant pictures, a vehicle, and a photobooth. The vehicle goes along with the theme of a journey, and the photobooth represents memories that you make during your lifetime. Each of the four pictures went with each of the songs during the performance. The pictures all started out with different road work signs that relate back to your life being a journey. The first picture was a no U-turn sign, meaning childhood is now over and adulthood begins. This picture then turns into and fun character dressed for graduation.  Graduation was chosen because it is an important step during your life and it also represents childhood being over and adulthood beginning. The picture also can symbolizes decision making aswell and planning for the rest of your life. The second picture starts off with a merge sign , representing another important step in life which is marriage and relationships. Then later in the show the picture turns into a bride and groom. The third picture is a windy road sign representing struggles you may face in your life and also children, which is what the picture then becomes. The last picture is a one way road work sign that represents death or just old age. The picture then turns into a character playing one of the band instruments. At the near end of the show, all the sign spell the word life, and the show ends there.

The Pinecrest Band Fest was a very fun night for all the band members, and the audience who enjoyed the hard work given by the band and anyone who helped the show. During the performance the marchers, color-guard, and prop crew all worked to their best abilities and got many deserving awards because of it. So, next competition spread the love and help encourage our Cougars.

Watch their performance here:

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