Fifth Annual Moving Day: A Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease affects over one million Americans, and each day the condition intensifies. The Triangle showed its support for those battling PD by hosting the fifth annual Moving Day at Koka Booth Amphitheatre. It was held on Oct. 1, and the fundraiser’s main event was a walk around Symphony Lake. There were also many other activities including yoga, dancing, food trucks, contests, and vendors to check out. The goal of Moving Day was to bring awareness to PD and inspire everyone to get active because there is no cure for PD, but staying active can help reduce bothersome symptoms.

Groups of friends and family made walking teams and sported matching shirts to show their spirit. There was a total of eighty-two teams entered in the walk, so Koka Booth was packed for the event! Before the walk began there was even a designated “Team Tailgate” area set up for the participants which added to the lively atmosphere. Many teams walked with their loved ones suffering from PD, and the event surely brought extra joy to their lives.

Moving Day was extremely energetic, and everyone was ready to unite in one cumulative fight against PD. Music was blasting, the sun was shining, and people were pumped up and eager to get moving. Instructors were spread out across the venue to teach different exercises such as yoga, pilates, zumba, and dance, which all help to combat Parkinson’s effects. Multiple speakers came to the stage to motivate the crowd to get active. The event’s slogan was “People who move change the world!”

Of course Moving Day would not have been such a success without the many volunteers working to set up, clean up, and run the event. Many Apex High Key Club members volunteered at the walk, and they had a great time. Students performed many tasks such as making encouraging signs for walkers, passing out food and water after the walk, cheering on the participants alongside the course, and cleaning up and packing away the event. Multiple Apex students who volunteered agreed it was very rewarding to see how happy all the friends and family members of those suffering from PD were, and overall what a positive event it was.

The fifth annual Moving Day was wonderfully successful and greatly supported the abundance of Americans suffering from PD. Participants in the walk, volunteers, and major company sponsors altogether raised over $235,000 to go towards Parkinson’s research, beating the original goal of the event. In a world where unity continues to become an anomaly, it was inspiring to see hundreds of people come together for a day to move, motivate, and help to change the world.

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