Places to Study in Apex

Now that we have been in school for over a month, teachers are not holding back with homework assignments and exams. For freshmen, the block schedule is a huge change of pace. For seniors, it takes a lot of motivation to hit the books. We all have assignments to complete throughout the week, and whether you have an important test coming up or a seemingly insurmountable homework pile, the key to a successful study session is being in the right atmosphere. Studying in your room usually comes with many distractions, and it can help to just get out of the house. If you are in need of a new studying location where you can work productively, there are many places to try.

The first option may seem obvious, but one of the best places for productive studying is the library. Libraries are not just made to house books as they typically include functional desk spaces and quiet reading rooms. Most libraries even offer access to computers and printers if your work is online. When everyone around you is quiet and focused on their work, it will motivate you to do the same. The closest libraries to Green Level are Eva Perry Regional Library, West Regional Library, and Cary Community Library. You can even utilize our school library if you want to get work done before going home, but you cannot stay past 2:30 p.m. The only downside to a public library is that they are not ideal for study groups as most libraries enforce a quiet policy. Even though libraries may seem like a thing of the past, they definitely help you get into a studying mindset.

This option is not for everyone, but many people find it helpful to get their work done in a coffee shop. Most coffee shops are exceedingly welcoming to students and have great spaces for study groups (just make sure you buy something before you take a table). If you loathe the idea of studying, having coffee and a pastry by your side can make that time much more enjoyable. One part of coffee shops that may deter students is the noise level. With the combination of chatting visitors, people taking their order, drinks being made, and music playing, it can be a lot of noise, but some people thrive in this environment. Hearing all of these sounds in the background while you study can be comforting, but if you are easily distracted, bring some headphones and listen to your favorite playlist to keep you focused. Popular options for Apex students include Common Grounds, Wake Zone, Starbucks, and BREW. Even if you do not enjoy coffee, stop by with a friend to get some work done, and it may be your new favorite place.

Here in Apex, the beginning of fall brings us unbeatable weather, making it the perfect time to be outside. While the weather is nice, why not bring your studying outdoors? Grab a big picnic blanket, and your backyard can be transformed into a peaceful study spot where you can get work done while you enjoy the sunshine. If you do not want to do this in your yard, grab some friends and take your study session to a local park! You can try Apex Community Park, White Oak Park, and many more in the Triangle area. Most neighborhoods even have a park-like area for their residents. If you enjoy being outdoors, take your studying with you, and it will go by much faster.

Try some of these options, and you are bound to find a new study spot outside of your room. Once you find the perfect environment, your study time will be much more efficient and enjoyable.

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