Show us your spirit!

With Homecoming right around the corner, now is the best time to prepare yourself for an epic peak week. Homecoming is all about the spirit; everyone is coming together to show support and pride in their school. While it’s one thing to feel school spirit, it’s another thing to show it. Even though we are no longer at the original campus, we still have our Cougar pride. Here are some simple but effective ways to show some school spirit.

Dress up!

Remember the long-awaited pajama and wacky tacky days in elementary school? Well, Peak Week is the equivalent.

A time-honored tradition at Apex High School is Spirit Week. Whether you are taking a trip to Hawaii on Tropical Tuesday or seeking to become the next Uncle Sam on ‘Merica Monday, ditch the typical school clothes and find ways to be silly and creative in your spirit attire. Themes are meant to be fun, so do not be afraid to go all out. This year’s themes are ‘Merica Monday, Tropical Tuesday, Farmer Wednesday, Jersey Thursday, and Black N’ Gold Friday. Even though the game and dance are Homecoming staples, the festivities leading up to it are just as fun.

Make some noise!

Shout it loud, and shout it proud! Rest up your voice and get ready to shout because one of the biggest ways to get excited is to make some noise. Whether it’s during the pep rally or the Friday night game, being a part of the crowd is a great way to show school spirit. With our amazing drum line and dedicated Cougar Crazies, there’s no doubt in my mind that anyone can make some noise.

GO to the game and dance!

With a week full of festivities, it all leads up to the anticipated football game and dance. With waving hands, shaking bleachers, beating drums, and excited screams filling the air, the homecoming game is an atmosphere of its own. Immerse yourself in the black, green, and gold, and come cheer on your Apex Cougars as they take on Fuquay-Varina. If the football scene is not for you, the dance is Saturday night! The theme is Harvest Dance, and the suggested attire is festive and casual, but you do not have to follow it.

Homecoming is one of the pinnacle events that starts off the school year. It’s a time for the school to come together no matter who you are and show your spirited side. Have fun with it! Before you know it, you will be the alumni looking back on all those fun and carefree moments. So dress out, show out, and make it an amazing Peak Week!

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