The Good, the Bad,and the Ugly of Being a Vegetarian

Are you thinking about becoming a vegetarian or living a plant based diet? Some say it’s the diet of the future, others not so much. Throughout the generations, parents, teachers, and doctors have been trying to engrave into children’s brains what they should and should not eat. So far most of your dinner plates or meal plans included fruits, vegetables, grains, and probably some sort of meat and dairy products on them, but should you eat it? Some doctors say yes and others say no, but what is the right answer? Different shows and documentaries such as Forks v.s Knives are trying to help you decide. This very informative documentary is all about how to live a plant based lifestyle and the good it does for the human body. Of course there are two sides to every story, meaning there are always pros and cons. Here are some positive and negative reasons to convert to these different types of diets.

There are many different reasons people do not want to convert to plant-based diets. One of these reasons of that the price tag is too high for some families. Food that is easily cooked the microwave is not only much faster to cook but easier to produce in mass quantities. This makes it way more convenient for not just families but the producers of the food. Another reason people do not convert is many people who try out these diets often do not get enough nutrients. It is not the diet that is not giving them enough nutrients; it is that they do not eat the proper foods. Let’s say that you are a vegetarian; instead if eating the fruits and vegetables you are supposed to, you eat doughnuts all day. This seems like a pretty amazing day, but in actuality you are getting less nutrients than you would if you were not a vegetarian. This is simply because if you were not a vegetarian, you would at least get some protein and a little bit nutrients from a McDonald’s cheeseburger than a doughnut. Even though this is true, if the diet is followed correctly, converting can definitely be better in the long-run.

Living a plant based lifestyle definitely has its perks, and there are many different reasons why a person may choose this lifestyle. Some reasons may be it is better for the environment, it is less harmful to animals, and it is even healthier for you. Many health professionals like          T. Colin Campbell, a biochemist, have said even deadly diseases such as cancer can be helped cured by simply cutting out all meat and dairy products from their diet.

It is always important to listen to both sides to every story so that you can understand if you are choosing what is right for you. You do not even need to to like the diets; just trying them out might be really beneficial to you and your health. The decision to converting into a plant based diet can be a stressful one, but you just need to pick what works best for you, and keep in mind of all the pros and cons.

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