America’s Got Talent: Fifty-Two Million Votes and One Winner

On Sept. 19, the ten finalists of America’s Got Talent performed for the last time on season twelve. The final performance night was full of enthusiasm, emotion, and outstanding acts. Viewers at home were clearly amazed because fifty-two million votes were sent in by the end of the night, making it the largest vote in AGT history. The judges were impressed and felt as if everyone deserved to win! Judge Simon Cowell even noted, “It’s like the Super Bowl! Just when you think someone’s won it, it all changes in the last ten minutes!” Cowell along with the other judges Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel described the night as, “Magical,” “Amazing,” “Perfection,” “Incredible,” “Special,” “Stunning,” and “Extraordinary!”

Final Live Show Recap:

Nine-year-old Angelica Hale opened the show with her breathtaking voice, singing pop song “Symphony” by Clean Bandit. Klum commented, “I think you are the best singer we have on this show!”

Next, Chase Goehring performed another one of his original songs, titled “Mirror.” The judges loved how his song centered around a current societal issue and agreed this was his best performance yet. Mandel applauded Goehring with, “Brilliant! You are Ed Sheeran and Logic put together.”

Then, Sara and Hero rocked the stage with their adorable and impressive dog show. They truly stepped it up for the finale with a special flying dog trick at the end. Cowell complimented, “This was honestly incredible, stunning, like magic, and I’m actually speechless.”

Up next was Diavolo who had a sensational performance, and the dancers were synchronized to perfection. Their daring stunts and elegant moves all came together wonderfully. The audience knew they nailed it.

Following Diavolo, thirteen-year-old Evie Clair sang “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong  as a tribute to her father who passed away just a few days before the finale. He was battling cancer all season, and this emotional tribute certainly made him proud. The judges recognized Evie for her outstanding talent and for making it to the stage each week to perform during such a difficult time.

Afterwards, Preacher Lawson had the entire crowd laughing uncontrollably during his final comedy act of the season. Cowell added, “If you’re not signed up for some show or movie in the next eight weeks, I will literally eat my hand!”

Then, Kechi gave an impressive rendition of “Conqueror” by Estelle, and her voice in combination with the lyrics produced so much emotion. Everyone could feel her strength and recognized her courage for coming to AGT after surviving a plane crash at age sixteen. Cowell commended, “That wasn’t a song that was an anthem!”

Following Kechi was Darci Lynne. She brought two puppets on stage for her ventriloquism act this week, and it was spectacular! Just when America thought she could not get any better, she did. She acted out a seamless conversation between the three of them and then performed a duet between her two puppets to the song “With a Little Help From My Friends” by the Beatles. Everyone was in awe.

Nearing the end of the show, Mandy Harvey sang another original song titled “This Time.” She blew everyone away, having lost her hearing ten years prior yet still being able to sing so beautifully. Cowell said, “You haven’t heard Adele, you haven’t heard Ed Sheeran, you haven’t heard Taylor Swift, and yet your songs and your voice are so current and so amazing.”

Light Balance was the final performance of the night, and as always they impressed everyone. Klum expressed her love of the act with, “That was perfection! I’m buying tickets to see you guys again, and again, and again!”

During the live results show on Sept. 20, all ten acts had the chance to perform in duos or trios with special guests Kelly Clarkson, Derek Hough, Shania Twain, Terry Fator, and James Arthur. The show started out upbeat, but once it came time to start narrowing the final ten down to a single winner, tensions rose tremendously. All acts had worked so hard with the same final goal in mind: the million dollar check and their own show at Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas.

Mandy Harvey, Sara and Hero, Angelica Hale, Darci Lynne, and Light Balance received the most votes from America, advancing them to the top five. Host Tyra Banks then revealed that Sara and Hero had placed fifth, and Mandy Harvey had earned fourth. This left Angelica Hale, Darci Lynne, and Light Balance as the remaining three acts.

As many viewers had predicted, Light Balance was awarded third place, leaving the two little girls on the stage, one of them just moments away from becoming a millionaire. Banks left an extremely long pause before announcing the winner, such a long time that both girls’ eyes began to well up with tears from nerves. Finally, ventriloquist Darci Lynne was announced as the winner! Both girls hugged and started crying tears of joy, and although Angelica Hale did not win the first place prize, she said she was the happiest girl in the world.

Fan of AGT and student at Apex High, Kendal Lund said she was extremely happy that Darci Lynne was voted as the winner, and she thinks it made a great end to a phenomenal season. Lund said, in her opinion, Darci Lynne was the most talented act out of the top ten and explained, “Not only could she talk with her mouth closed, but she could also sing with her mouth closed! Plus she was flawless at both!”

Both Darci Lynne and Angelica Hale will be performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on November 3 and 4 along with Preacher Lawson and Light Balance. Although there could only be one recipient of the million dollars, all of the acts will go home with their lives forever changed. The publicity from the show and the love and admiration from the country will keep all contestants on the road to a successful future.


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