Finding Your Way in High School

Starting and going through high school is not an easy thing. This is the time that you start to find the things you like and dislike, who you want to hang out with, and what you want to do with your free time. Not only do clubs and sports help you get involved with the school, keep you busy, and help you meet new people, it also will help you in the long run when applying for colleges by having a wide variety of extracurricular activities.  

Apex High School offers sixty-four clubs and thirty-four sports. We have clubs all the way from a Zumba club to a History club. Each year, more and more clubs get added to the list. Starting a club is not as simple as snapping your fingers and saying, “I want to start a club today”. However, starting a club that you enjoy and has not been created is always a good idea. If you want to start a club, you have to be committed to it and remember that you are the leader of the club, not just a member. If you want to get involved with the school more but do not really want the full responsibility of leading a club, joining a club is the perfect solution for you. You still have the responsibility of going to meetings, participating in club activities, and representing the school. Clubs like Student Council help create a better environment for the school and give a voice for the students. You could be an officer such as president, Vice President, or secretary to represent your grade level, or you could just attend the meetings and have a small say on what the Student Council should help change. Whether you are wanting to make an impact on student lives with Student Council or get more proficient in german by joining the German club, participating in a club is a commitment that does not take much time and can really help you get more involved.

Another way of getting involved with the school is through any of our sports teams. We offer everything from football to golf. Our sports teams have won many championships, with amazing coaches and hardworking athletes. You should love the sport you play and be ready to put forth full effort when playing a sport here. Athletes at Apex have to remember they are always representing their school and their sports team on and off the field. Sports will take up more time than joining a club with all the practices, games, and activities you would do outside of the school. However, joining a sport can create friendships that will last forever, and it can teach you things not only about the sport but also life. Just because you are not playing the sport on the field does not mean you can’t be part of the team. Sports teams do not just involve the players,but also the support staff. Some teams have managers to help the coaches and the players stay on track. Another option is sports medicine, which helps the athletes stay healthy on and off the field. So maybe if playing the sport is not your thing but beginning behind the scene is, this might be a better fit for you. Personally, being on cheer my freshman year allowed me to meet some of my best friends and really feel more involved with the school before even stepping on campus. It was not  always easy at times with school work,  practices,  football games, and basketball games but, I would not  have changed anything about it. Being on the team made me feel more comfortable with the aspect of high school and not as scared. I found my place.

High school is what you make it, the worst or best times. Getting involved with your school with clubs, sports, or just going to the games can help you with all aspects of your teenage years. So before saying no to trying out for that sport or not going to that meeting for that club, just say yes and see where it takes you.

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