A Steep Price for Safety

America’s favorite sport is making an evolution that will alter the shape of the game. A new line of defense for football players has recently been launched, and its effects will be spectacular. Even so, this cutting-edge advancement comes with a price.  

The start of the 2017 football season came with new efforts to better protect athletes from severe head injuries. One company in particular, known as VICIS, has created an advanced, shock-diminishing helmet. The model is called the Zero1, and it uses special innovations to lower the impact on athletes’ heads during collisions.

The magic behind VICIS’s Zero1 helmet is a complex layering system that cumulatively delays forces upon impact. One of VICIS’s founders is a neurosurgeon who designed the helmet after spending years diagnosing and treating various brain injuries. Concussions have always been a major problem in the National Football League with an average of two hundred each season. However, this year VICIS and many other professionals believe that the Zero1 helmet will make a change.

The Zero1 helmet has been approved and tested by the NFL Players Association and was found to be the safest helmet on the market. The science incorporated into the design truly makes for a game-changing piece of equipment. The soft, malleable outside, in combination with the concealed layers, ease the blow caused during collision, and provide a bumper car-like effect that protects athletes’ heads. This additional level of safety has convinced many NFL players to try out the Zero1 for the 2017 season.

VICIS created the helmet for professional, college, and high school football players. Despite this fact, the Zero1 is quite expensive with a starting cost of $1,500 for a single helmet. This is not at all practical for high school level teams, including the football players at Apex High. The price athletes must pay for safety is quite extreme and unreasonable considering safety is such a main priority. In high school level games, concussions and other head injuries often leave student athletes severely hurt, and can cause them to start falling behind in school. VICIS’s Zero1 helmet could be a fix to this issue, but the price for safety is too steep.

Apex High School football player Asher Queen recognizes what a huge concern safety is for high school athletes, explaining, “You want to play, but also you only get one brain, so you need to protect it.” Brian Poirier and Aiden McGinnis, also members of the Apex High football team, added that concussions are very common at the high school level, and they have seen injuries leave student athletes out of the game and school for multiple days. Queen, Poirier, and McGinnis all agree that $1,500 is not at all reasonable for a single helmet. If the price was practical, the athletes concluded that a helmet like the Zero1 would be extremely beneficial to Apex High teams, reasoning, “Less injuries!” and “Kids would be safer!”

Currently, the cost for additional defense during football games is too expensive for equipping all high school athletes. However, if the Zero1 helmet proves to be as successful as it is predicted to be this season, hopefully helmets with the same precision and strength will become more of a norm and less of a luxury. Within time, all high schools, colleges, and professional teams may begin using helmets with just as innovative features to ensure athlete safety. VICIS has started a new push for utmost athlete protection, and the amount of game-changing gear and equipment will only grow from here. The development of the Zero1 helmet was a revolutionary step for football, in that it gives the fun of the game the ability to outweigh the risk of the game.

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