Meet Ms. Talerek!

Meet new French teacher, Ms. Talarek!

1) Name and subject-

Kasey Talarek and I teach French.

2) Where are you from-

I am originally from Pennsylvania but have been living in North Carolina for the past five years

3) What college did you attend-

I attended Penn State University for four years

4) Why did you choose French as a subject to teach-

I originally attended Penn State for a major in Marketing, and then my junior year, I took a trip to Quebec in my college French class and switched my major to French.

5) If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing-

Most likely something involving music, although I’m not very musically inclined, I love just listening to music in my free time.

6) What did you do before coming to Apex-

I actually taught at Lee County High School for two years before coming and teaching at Apex this year.

7) What do you think your students think of you-

Nice and funny?- well, I hope so anyway

8) What is your favorite thing about being a teacher-

My favorite thing about being a teacher is when a student starts French just to get taking a language out of the way, but by the end it’s their favorite class.

9) What are your thoughts on apex so far-

I love it! The campus is giant and the staff is so great.

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