Inside the Recruitment Process of an Apex Swimmer

Most students involved in high school sports decide to retire them once they graduate, but for senior Emma DeCaro and many other swimmers, these four years are focused on presenting themselves to colleges so that they can secure the best scholarships possible. This is a lot of pressure for a student who is already trying to balance crazy practice schedules with the regular stresses of high school. Some people say that swimmers are too extreme, but DeCaro would argue that the sacrifices are worth it.

After years of intense training, it is time for DeCaro and swimmers across the country to show colleges what they have to offer. This process involves traveling to various universities, meeting with well-known coaches and so much more. Keep reading to get a closer look into DeCaro’s recruitment process.


Q: When did the recruitment process start?

A: I only really started looking into schools when I was a sophomore, but I couldn’t talk to

coaches until I was in my junior year.


Q: Describe what a regular recruitment trip looks like.

A: It usually consists of meetings with admissions, coaches, and faculty in the area you want to

study. There was also time for us to see the team practice and meet all the members. We had activities to do, such as going to one of the school football games. This was a great time to get questions answered by the coach.


Q: What schools are interested in you? Do you have a dream school?

A: The schools interested in me are The College of Saint Rose, Millersville University,

Kutztown University, Saint Francis University, and Limestone College. I would have loved to

swim for Davidson College, but unfortunately I am not fast enough.


Q: What is your favorite part of recruitment?

A: I think it is the feeling of accomplishment that I get when a coach really wants me to swim for

them because all of the hard work has paid off and my dreams are coming true.


Q: Do you have other friends/teammates that are also going for scholarships?

A: I have many senior teammates who are also going for scholarships. To be specific, there are two

of them who attend Apex High School: Ana Pozder and Matthew Jaynes.


Q: How do you balance the recruitment with all of your school work and other commitments?

A: I balance it by working with my teachers and getting work ahead of time so when I have to go

on official visits I won’t have to stress out trying to finish assignments. I only have to focus on

finding the right school that works for me.


Q: Do you want to stay involved in swimming even after college?

A: I would love to stay involved; it’s been such a big part of my life, and I honestly couldn’t imagine

my life without it. I will probably end up doing masters swimming so that I stay in shape.

Although the recruitment process may be stressful, it comes with an indescribable feeling of accomplishment to have made it this far in the sport. Stay tuned to News & Observer for updates on Apex High student commitments for swimming and other sports.

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