Theater III and IV’s well-done re-enactment of Hamlet

If you didn’t go to the Hamlet performance, then you missed out. The Shakespearean play performed by the Theatre III and IV Honors classes was unique and well done.

Rather than sitting upon the gallery and staring up at a distant stage, in this “walking-play,” the stage was right in front of you, enabling the audience to move throughout campus. Even when the actors stared you in the face from two feet away, they displayed both an utmost concentration and obvious mastery as not one actor broke character.

Once again, and for the final time, an Apex theatre performance was led by senior Elizabeth Lund, this time starring as Hamlet. Lund describes playing the role of Hamlet as “probably the hardest character” that she’s ever played.

“[Hamlet’s] experiences [are] so specific, and also people have high expectation for Shakespeare,’ says Lund. “Learning [the Shakespearean] language was also challenging because of the complexity, but Hamlet was probably the most rewarding character I’ve ever played because of the difficulty.”

These Theatre III and IV students outdid themselves, making Hamlet an exceptional performance for the “real” Apex’s finale. The play received praise from those inside and outside of Apex High School, leading to sold-out shows on both Friday and Saturday.


The Peak Players will have a handful of seniors leaving Apex High School, including Elizabeth Lund, Anna Matthews, Shannon Morris, Maddie Register, Griffin Watson, Detrich Morrison-Jones, Abi Fairbrother, Taylor Williams, Ken Sweigard, and Wrigley Ferguson. Peak Student Media wishes all of the seniors the best of in their future endeavors and hopes that they continue on their talented paths.

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