Meet Your 2017 Valedictorian and Salutatorian

After four rigorous years, Hershel Wathore and Jack Cicin have been named the class of 2017 valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively. Wathore and Cicin will be the final valedictorian and salutatorian graduating from Apex High School as it currently stands.

Wathore plans to attend Dartmouth College to pursue an engineering degree with a 5.42 weighted grade point average (GPA). His overall high school experience can be described by the thinker emoji with either Advanced Forensics or AP Calculus being his favorite class and Marine Ecology Honors being the hardest class he has taken. High school was not just studying for Wathore; during his time at Apex, he participated in Science Olympiad, Key Club, cross country, and winter and spring track.

Wathore remembers ripping his pants on a fence while trying to get lunch during a debate competition as the funniest moment of high school. When asked for his favorite joke, Wathore provided three pun-centered jokes:

  • Someone stole my Microsoft Office, and they are gonna pay. You have my Word.
  • How do you find Will Smith in the snow? You look for the Fresh Prince.
  • We have a genetic predisposition for diarrhea–it runs in our jeans.

Currently, the top of his bucket list is to go to the Olympics, and his spirit animal is a bear.

Cicin will attend UNC at Chapel Hill with intentions to study Biomedical Engineering. He was part of the Academy of Information Technology and earned a 5.24 weighted GPA. With his favorite class also being the hardest class he has taken at Apex, Cicin fondly remembers AP Calculus AB and BC with the “legendary Ms. Barritt.” Outside of the classroom, Cicin was a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club, STEM Club, and Spikeball Club while also competing with the varsity men’s tennis team. His four years of high school can be summed up with the 100 emoji.

Cicin’s personality is described by the fact that it took him five days to decide on his favorite joke–he is constantly cracking jokes, so he struggled to choose just one. Finally, he landed on one:

  • Did you hear Kim Jong Un got assassinated? It ended his Korea.

His personality is further explained by his funniest high school memory of performing as Bob Ross during Mr. Apex. Cicin’s spirit animal, a bald eagle, is explained by the top of his bucket list, visiting all US National Parks.

Wathore and Cicin will both deliver speeches at the graduation ceremony on June 13th. A one-word sneak peek of their speeches is equally eye-opening and puzzling. Wathore described his speech as “fab,” and Cicin simply said “Rick.”

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