Bittersweet Endings

Apex High School and the Peak of Good Living are about to be in rear view mirror as I take on college in Chapel Hill. The past four years of high school, as cheesy as it sounds, have changed my life.

I walked into Señora Lasher’s classroom for the first time freshmen year for Spanish 3, a class with twelve other students, all upper classmen. High school can be intimidating your first year, and there was comfort in the fact that she reminded me of my middle school Spanish teacher. However, my fondest memories with Lasher the Slasher come from junior year with Spanish 5 in the fall and AP Spanish in the spring. In her classroom, a cluster of desks is a familia, but by the end of the year my whole class was one big familia–each friend group being one small branch that made up the entire family tree.

Señora Lasher opened my eyes to the world and Hispanic cultures. I gained confidence in my Spanish abilities, now determined to pursue Spanish in college and travel to as many Spanish-speaking countries as possible. She even introduced me to the world of Spanish-language movies and television. Whenever there is a new Spanish-language show added to Netflix, she is one of the first people I go to.

Freshman year also brought me to Mrs. McGee’s classroom for English I Honors. I can still remember her telling my class the story of her engagement the morning after it happened. I am now in one of her classes for the third time, ending high school where I started. She can read my face and know when something is not sitting quite right with me. She is always there to talk or tell us a funny story from her week.

Third period Newspaper has brought me to know a diverse group of astounding and passionate people. They constantly amaze me with their ability to tell stories and report on the news. Mrs. McGee and Legacy have given me countless opportunities to try new things, most notably photojournalism. This year has allowed me to practice my photography skills and capture major events in the community. There is nothing more satisfying than looking back at moments you have captured that are not blurry and have good lighting.

High school has been four years filled with influential teachers, friends, and experiences. All of these have led to the person sitting here today, days before graduation.

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