Life after death in a tree?

Life after death already does not sound very pleasant; however the environment doesn’t seem to benefit too much from it either. With the synthetic wood, synthetic cushioning and the metals mostly used in the average coffin, including the concrete used to reinforce a grave, these methods are not good for our environment. The single uses of the supplies needed, that then are buried forever do not break down very quickly.

However, two Italian designers named Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli may have come up with a solution. The two have named it the “Capsula Mundi” which means, “world’s capsule”. The product is an egg shaped casket that can be buried beneath the ground. Upon burial, the biodegradable plastic shell breaks down, and its remains provide a good source of nutrients to a sapling planted right above the capsule. The Italian designers feel that death is too much related to consumerism. Their purpose for their innovation is to create new life from death, while cutting down on wastes of your traditional cemetery. Eventually Bretzel and Citelli hope to see cemeteries full of trees rather than tombstones. The idea struck the designers in 2003 after the Milan’s famous design fair came to a close; they witnessed just how much furniture is trashed after not all of it does very well within the fair. This inspired Bretzel and Citelli to create something that could always be used no matter the person as well as not leaving a carbo footprint on our environment.

With the “Capsula Mundi” still a work in progress, it could be in the not so distant future that the two Italian designers could help lift the bleak and dark connotations when it comes to visiting a cemetery, especially at night. Rather than a field full of cold marble and stone head stones, cemeteries could be filled with deceased loved ones favorite trees in what they feel best honors their memories.

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