Alien: Covenant Review

Alien: Covenant is the follow up to the blockbuster film Prometheus, the origin story and prequel to the popular Alien films. Alien: Covenant starred Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Danny Mcbride, Billy Crudup, and even featured surprise cameo from James Franco. To say the least, this movie was nothing short of an action packed horrifying thriller. The film surely deserved its R rating as some scenes were very gruesome and most likely not for the immature audiences. Director Ridley Scott stated before the film that they had spent extra time on special effects to deliver those iconic Alien scenes that some may shield their eyes from. But other than that the film delivered a great story and follow up to Prometheus that tied in perfectly to the films prequel. Covenant continued the films long living history of having a strong main female protagonist in Katherine Waterston. The film also featured the great Michael Fassbender, who once again added to the list of his great performances with his portrayal of Androids Walter and David in this film. The rest of the crew in this film was rounded out by more great actors including Danny Mcbride in somewhat of an unusual role for him.

Alien: Covenant is about a large colonization mission in search of a new planet, the year is 2104 and earth is dying. Katherine Waterston’s character ‘Daniels’ is the main character in the film, and her husband, whose name was never revealed, but was played by James Franco was the captain of the ship but had died in the very first scene of the film so no spoilers there. We never actually got to see Franco himself with the crew in the film, and it was revealed before the film’s release that he would actually be dead in the film. The story takes an unexpected shift after a message was received from deep space in what appeared to be a woman singing the song ‘Take me Home, Country Roads’ by John Denver. The crew decides to shift course towards where the origin of the signal was and they land on a planet in an unnamed solar system, from there all hell breaks loose. After a series of unfortunate events unfolds, the team locates David, the lost android and from there the film is full of suspense, twist, and action ending with the popular Xenomorph Alien facing off against Daniels.

Alien: Covenant surely was an action packed thriller that didn’t disappoint expectations. Although critics may have been harsh on the film at times, I believe the film nicely wrapped up Prometheus’s ultimate storyline while introducing a new storyline which ended up being the Covenant story. The two films were nicely wrapped together in this story which in the end of the film ended both of those storylines but also left the door open for future films. Ridley Scott delivered another Alien blockbuster hit that continued his long lasting legacy with the franchise.

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