Terminator in the making?

Russia has recently seemed to have crafted a Terminator prototype although they assure you it is not to be mistaken as a Terminator. A Russian technology company and military research agency have joined forces to forge a gun- toting A.I robot named FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research). The name may be rather strange, but anything is better than a robot called a Terminator. Thankfully FEDOR is still in progress and could use a little more work, giving us more time to prepare for when it reaches or eventually surpass Terminators’ capabilities because they were wonderful beings in the films. For those who have not seen the films, “Terminator” is about an elite Artificial Intelligence or A.I. robot that has been disguised as a human to return to the past from the year 2029 to kill Sarah Connor because the Terminators know her son will be the leader of the future force fighting against the Terminators. These robots were obviously no easy foe; they were powerful and destructive and created a lot of trouble for the human race. With that background knowledge, a gun shooting A.I. robot doesn’t sound so promising. FEDOR has even been credited with the ability to perform tasks such as driving a vehicle and numerous fitness exercises; it is not clear on the extent of FEDOR’s success rate in doing these tasks or how well they are performed. Though all these tasks may seem pointless, the developers of FEDOR claim his only real purpose, is to serve as the sole occupant on a Russian space freighter, which is due to launch its first flight in 2021. If this is FEDOR’s only purpose then what is the point of having him firearm trained? The truth lies with his creators a Russian technology company and military research agency; all we can do is hope they do not favor robot enslavement of mankind the same way the rest of us do.

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