The hydrogen powered Chevy

General Motors and the U.S. Army have some serious ingenuity; the two of them created the first Chevrolet off-road truck that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, not to be confused the fuel cell that does not burn hydrogen. Alternatively, hydrogen is pumped into the fuel cell where the ZH2 has gathered oxygen from the air outside. The two are combined to create not only electrical energy for the ZH2 but also water. Therefore, when used in military situations as the soldiers are driving, they are also creating drinkable water for themselves. The hydrogen fuel cell even allows the truck to give off very little noise from the engine, which gives the soldiers the chance to remain stealthy while not giving up mobility. The ZH2 is based off Chevrolet Colorado mid-sized pickup; however, it is nothing like it. The ZH2 is fitted with a camouflaged Kevlar-reinforced carbon fiber skin,
making it more than able to take a hit. With the creation of this vehicle, I decided to find another opinion from someone who also knows what it’s like to drive a truck.

I spoke with Nich Johnson, owner of a 1991 Chevy Blazer, and asked him what his thoughts are on the new Chevy ZH2. When I told Nich about the new ZH2, he was very shocked saying, “They can do that now!?” We continued to talk more in depth on the capabilities of this vehicle although Nich was very impressed, he has his doubts. When asked about the hydrogen fuel cell engine, he said, “It’s a great use of technology, but there is nothing like the low grumble of a small block v8 Chevy” Obviously he did not seem to like the idea of a quiet truck. Just for fun I asked, if this vehicle were ever able to be bought for the public, would he purchase it? Nich said, “It depends on how much they would charge for it, but personally I don’t really like any of the recent trucks 2000’s and lower look great to me.” Overall, Nich likes the concept but, the ZH2 is not for him. Maybe in the future, we will see this vehicle on our roads at home.

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