Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

All week long, people have been bragging about their Spring Break plans for cruises, cross-country travels, and vacations in various continents; if you’re like me, your plans consist of Netflix, junk food, and homework assignments that you somehow end up saving until Sunday night. While there is nothing wrong with Binge Watching your favorite shows during the time off, here are some ways you can spice up your spring break without breaking the bank.

One of the best parts of spring break is the beautiful weather, and what better way to spend it than enjoying the outdoors? There are several campsites in the area that you and your friends can rent out for a night and roast hot dogs over the fire and make s’mores and memories that you won’t forget. If you want to enjoy the comfort of your own home, try pitching a tent in your backyard instead. It’s not mandatory that you spend the night outside, but a day trip to Jordan Lake would be just as fun.

Even though Apex is a small town, there are so many places here and in surrounding cities that you have never been before. The Triangle area offers a wide variety of restaurants, boutiques, antique shops, recreational opportunities, and more. Students do have a full week of school off, so use the whole week to your advantage! Here is a challenge for the week: Monday through Friday, be a tourist and pick a new place around you that you have never been to and have always wanted to go, and get your friends to come try it out! You may be so surprised at all the area has to offer that you never knew about.

This idea is a little less glamorous than the others, but instead of blowing all of your money during the week, try making some money to get ready for summer. If you already have a job, try asking for extra hours since you won’t have as many prior commitments as you do during the school week. They are probably slightly short-staffed if your other high school co-workers already have plans. If you don’t have a job, ask around if anybody needs a babysitter or a pet sitter. Because so many people are going on vacations, somebody you know is most likely looking for a friend to take care of their beloved pets while they are away. If neither of these options are for you, ask your parents if there are any chores you can do to make some extra money at home. They would probably love for someone to do the yard work, deep clean the house, and do other small jobs that they haven’t been able to get to. This isn’t quite as fun as a vacation, but you will be glad later that you have extra money to spend in the summer.

If you are just itching to get out of Apex for the week, there are definitely options in North Carolina to get away without spending too much money. If you are looking to get some sun over the break, take a drive to the coast and enjoy beach towns such as Wrightsville, Carolina, Kure, Topsail, and more. If you’re not a beachy person and are looking to have some adventure, take a road trip to the mountains instead! There is so much to do and see in Boone, Asheville, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Stone Mountain, and other areas in western North Carolina. Spring Break is also a perfect opportunity to tour possible colleges; many college tours are free, and there are so many in the area to choose from.

If you don’t have any plans next week, give these ideas a try and have a fun Spring Break that you won’t forget!

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