Five things to do before moving into your dorm

Graduation is less than three months away which means a plethora of things are currently on all seniors’ minds. Between doing things like selecting colleges and paying enrollment deposits, there are countless mental to-do lists going through every almost-graduate’s head right now. Having that many things can be hard to keep up with sometimes, so to make things a little easier for you seniors, here is a pre-written to-do list to complete before taking one of the biggest steps of your future—moving into your dorm!

1. Find a roommate.

Before you move into your new temporary home, you should probably know who you are going to be living with. Luckily, for almost all colleges, there are several ways you can go about finding a roommate whose ideal living conditions are compatible with yours. Many colleges have Facebook groups for your freshman class that you can join and post in to find a roommate who you can become friends with. For example, for NC State rising freshmen, there is a Facebook group called “NC State Class of 2021” in which students post their interests, ideal living conditions, and major; other students see these posts, add them, and talk to them in search of a roommate or even just a simple friend to go into college with.

If you find several people that you think you would room with well, there is an algorithm called the stable-roommates problem (SRP) in which each of 2n participants ranks the others in strict order of preference. This algorithm helps people determine who of a group of people someone would be most compatible with in terms of roommates.

2. Establish a meal plan.

Between paying fees and finding a place in your dorm to keep food, it can be hard to find time to develop a normal eating schedule once you are in college. That is why it is important to establish a meal plan before moving in. That way, on that notoriously-tough first week of living on your own, you can find yourself at your college’s cafeteria for some comfort food right away.

3. Look into the parking situation beforehand.

Parking varies from college to college. Some schools offer parking directly outside the dorms while others don’t offer parking at all. It is best to find out what the parking situation is at your school before move-in day. That way, you will be able to take the time that you would have spent looking where to park and use it to start moving in instead.

4. Spend some time with your family.

Things get pretty hectic in the time leading up to your big move-in day, so it’s pretty easy to forget to hang out with your family. However, when the day comes and you’re finally living on your own, you will most likely wish that you had spent a little more time with your brother or sister. Make sure to set aside some free time prior to move-in day to spend time with the people that you love most.

5. Avoid watching college-based scary movies like The Roommate before moving in.

Just…don’t do it. Moving out of your family home is a scary enough experience by itself; don’t make it harder by watching a scary movie that will trick you into believing that college will be four years of torture for you.

With all of this being said, don’t use your last few months at home worrying about the future. You still have over two months left before graduation, and those three months are supposed to be some of the best times of your life. Find a balance between spending time making preparations for moving out and enjoying your last few months at home. That way, when the time comes and you finally move out, you will have no regrets while also not having to worry about making any last minute preparations.

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