Places to exercise in Apex

With Spring Break right around the corner and summer break soon after, many people want to start working towards a fit summer body after their winter hibernation. Even though some high schoolers work part-time jobs, the cost of a gym membership can still average about fifty dollars a month. Sometimes the thought of this will cause students to forget about exercise altogether, but there are so many alternatives to a gym membership that can cost you next to nothing.

If you enjoy running to get your mind off the stresses of high school, try out Lake Pine for a jog; there is a two-mile loop around it that offers beautiful views of one of the town’s staple locations. The paved path offers gorgeous views of trees and other plant life around the lake, and you will likely spot a family of ducks if you keep an eye out. If you’re not the running type, this trail is also great for walking with family or friends or casual bike rides. Even though two miles seems like a long way to go, the scenery is definitely worth your time.

Another very versatile park to try out is Apex Nature Park. While they also offer trails you could run, walk, or bike through, there is a wide variety of athletic courts you can use. You have free access to lighted tennis courts, soccer/multi-use fields, sand volleyball courts, and a disc golf course. The best way to enjoy these activities is with your friends or family so you can really enjoy yourself while you exercise. While this is different from the strenuous exercises you will do at the gym, these fun recreational activities will also get your heart rate up and help you work towards being fit.

Also at Apex Nature Park and throughout the whole town, you can always find a children’s playground and convert it into gym equipment. If you want to work your upper body, find a set of monkey bars and use them just like you would at the gym. You can also use a swing set just like a suspension trainer; place your shins/ankles at the seat of the swing, and do some push-ups to work your arms as well as your core. While the little kids playing on the equipment may give you some confused looks, these exercises prove just as effective as they would in a gym setting without the money.

If you are not an outdoorsy person or prefer to exercise on your own, one of the best places to exercise is in your own home. You can buy multiple sizes of dumbbells for less than a one-month gym membership, and there are many instructional videos online that will lead you through exercises just like a class. You can also invest in DVD classes that will take you through specific workouts to target your personal goals. If you don’t feel like buying the equipment, exercises like Pilates can be done with or without the weights and still give you an effective workout.

Instead of spending your hard earned money on a gym membership, try out these beautiful locations throughout Apex and various methods to get beneficial exercise in preparation for the summer time!

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