Why does ‘Black Mirror’ make us so uncomfortable?

Netflix original shows have been increasing in popularity for years, with shows such as Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black being practically all that people on social media can talk about. One show in particular that got picked up by Netflix has recently gained public interest but not for the same reason as all the others. Black Mirror is a science-fiction series based in Britain that takes a look at the consequences of modern technology. Every episode has a different plotline, different characters, and a different setting, making each episode like its own movie. There are two things each episode has in common: the dark satirical twist on modern society’s technology and the resonating feeling of absolute horror left with the viewer.

One of Black Mirror’s most popular episodes that most accurately sums up what the show is about is titled “Playtest.” To make some money, the main character of the episode volunteers to be the test subject in a new horror video game that bases itself on your own personal fears and puts you in the game. However, when things go awry, the man can’t find his way out of the game, leaving him stuck in a world where he is surrounded by his worst fears. Each episode takes on its own dark twist, and the show as a whole is so discomforting that Stephen King, a genius in the horror genre, labeled the show “terrifying.”

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