The Last Musical at the “Real” Apex

As the Apex Drama department prepares to end its tradition of great performances in the cozy, undersized auditorium, they can now reflect on the past. It was because of the small size that both the fall play and spring musical performances were extended to two viewing weekends. But, at Green Level and the “new” Apex High School, the seating area and the auditorium itself will be large enough to offer just as many guests in one weekend.

The final production within the “real” Apex High School is 9 to 5, a satire about three working women who kidnap their boss. Last weekend marked the musical’s opening performance. Senior Elizabeth Lund and sophomores Krystin Wingfield and Morgan Swales played the lead female protagonists alongside senior Detrich Morrison-Jones who played the lead antagonist.

The infamous Dolly Parton musical is perfect for the current social climate surrounding women within the working class; the only things matching better are the cast members to the character roles. For her role, Lund, who plays Violet Newstead, was asked to portray a strong, independent, and feminist women who gets work done, and Lund herself is nothing short of perfection in the role.

One hilarious contradiction throughout the musical is senior Morrison-Jones who plays Franklin Hart, Jr. The role calls for a male character who is misogynistic, tyrannical, and sexist, all of which are the opposite of Morrison-Jones in real-life, but he pulled off the character perfectly and with one of the best male singing voices I have ever heard.

Be sure to look out for senior Livia Marsden’s solo performance, which ties Morrison-Jones’s solo as my favorite of the night.

Lucky for you, the Apex auditorium is still undersized, and the Apex Drama department still has one final weekend of performances this March 9 through 11. These will be the final performances at the “real” Apex High Schoo

Tickets are available online at or can be purchased at the door.

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